Product videos – success mantra for startups

India has become the biggest and definitive platform for startups. The nature of these startups ranges from a simple business selling a unique product to a technological startup selling a unique application. However, the success of any startup depends on the type of product, its benefits to the ultimate consumers and its reachability. Any corporate company can make a unique product but ensuring its wide reachability is an entirely different matter. Simply writing good content on any blog to ensure success is not sufficient. One must make use of different methods to ensure the product reaches to all the potential customers. The best method and probably the most entertaining way of promoting a product in the 21st century is to go for product videography. Video has become probably the most important and entertaining way to promote a product. These videos are short, simple and engaging and easily understandable. Therefore, creating product videos become important for the following reasons:


Ensuring information reaches wide number of customers:

Hiring corporate video services and creating a video ensures information about the product reaches a large customer base. This acts as a unique selling point for the company. In today’s age of the internet, television advertising may not cut it.


Video is liked by one and all:

Writing a simple blog or advertising a product may not ensure the success of the product. Creating a video which informs the potential customers about the type of product, services offered and the benefits it provides can help in initiating a buying action. Videos can also be shared easily around social media. According to research, video works better than audio or written material. Eric J Dalius


Effective communication and better engagement:

Creating product videos describing uses of the product along with its benefits can attract a lot of potential customers. Moreover, product video ensures better communication of the intended message than any article or audio material. Understanding the product as a whole becomes easier.

Creating and uploading videos on company websites can draw some serious traffic which can lead to better engagement and ultimately buying the product. The chances of successful conversion rates increase by more than 73%.


Increase in trust by the customers:

Showcasing the product, its uses and especially the pain it relieves virtually helps in increasing brand loyalty. Providing complete details regarding the product and company ensures the buyers that they can be trusted upon. Using this fact to their advantage, a startup can ensure success.


Cost and time saving:

Creating product videos by outsourcing the creation of a product video production company help in reducing the cost of creating the video on its own. Moreover, creating videos also helps in saving valuable time for the company. Instead of giving individual information to individual customers, videos can solve all the queries and problems of the customers in one go.


Consumers see a product through a video, understand it and ultimately buy it depending upon the product video. Therefore, Adding videos to the promotional strategy of startup business will ensure its survival and success.


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