Rule you must know if you buy online with any major auction

Know this rule very very very well in your arbitration guidelines if you buy online! If you dont its not a if but a when you will lose money. Online Without Vehicle Condition Information -Vehicles sold through online channels without a written condition report, inspection, or a disclosure as to the vehicle’s condition, will be subject to In-Lane policies (b) as detailed in this policy. again know it and understand it. Most of us who buy online do it not for only the ease but it lets us source inventory from distant auctions you would not normally attend. The simulcast cameras are crap for the most part and pics can be misleading. You simply cant inspect certain aspects of the vehicle until it is in your presence. If you buy a vehicle and it does not have a condition report you are at a grave disadvantage online. Psi's wont help much. So online buyers beware.

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