Sales Happens on Every Channel… Is Your Dealership Prepared?

In today’s times, people are concerned about COVID-19 as are businesses. Technology has become more important than ever for both consumers to shop as well as businesses to stay afloat. Many dealerships were restricted from sales being open while some were allowed to only sell online. How, exactly, do you sell a car completely online to consumers who are unable to “kick the tires?”


We all know that video has, over time, become one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Even now, many businesses are being forced to complete transactions completely online. How does that fit into car dealerships? Consumers are naturally wary of purchasing a car sight unseen. Yet, digital retailing has experienced a significant progression because of this pandemic.


While there are many solutions that can facilitate parts of a sales transaction, the one thing that is missing is a way for consumers to “kick the tires” without leaving their home. Sure, many dealerships have 40 (or more) images on their VDPs. Some even have video walkarounds. Consumers don’t know, however, when those videos were taken. They might not even have watched them. What do you do when you get an Internet inquiry or phone call from a customer that is in-market but cannot come to the dealership?


You can do a live video walkaround… right then, while the customer is on the phone.


There are many services that can be used to do a video walkaround but simply telling a customer “I’ll go on the lot and do a walkaround for you now, email you the link and then I can call you again so we can discuss,” isn’t optimal. Why? Because we all know that having a live customer on the phone RIGHT NOW is your best shot at progressing the customer down the funnel and towards a sale. Hang up and you may never hear from them again. What if they saw something in the video you sent them that turned them off? You may never know. That being said, if you were able to do the walkaround live while the customer was still on the phone with you, you may be able to hear their objections and present alternate similar vehicles to them – all the while continuing to build rapport.


The old saying that “people buy from people they like,” is absolutely true. Cars are the second most expensive purchase most consumers will ever make after a home. The key to securing a sale is not just providing information. It’s providing ALL the vehicle’s information and answering ALL of the customer’s questions while they are still on the phone!


Technology today has brought with it a whirlwind of opportunities for dealers. It’s not just being online with digital retailing or staffing a showroom… dealerships should understand that they should be ready to engage a customer no matter which channel that they choose. By not doing so, dealerships run the risk of seeing that customer – and sale – go to their competition.


No dealership can afford that.

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