Sales Review: How to Engage Your Team

Another Coach is working with a SMgr who asks his salespeeps to submit a short activity summary at the end of each day. Not everyone does this and this SMgr is frustrated. Thoughts?


One point is missing. This will only pertain if this isn't a rebellious bunch who don't believe in accountability and it all depends on how it is introduced. My point is most salespeople aren't writer's. As a salesperson, that is a boring type B function from a type A individual.. They will avoid, disregard and rebel against  it at all cost. My suggestion is to reintroduce it as a functional tool used weekly to review in person. As a Manager, you are responsible for training and maintaining the team. You must help them grow to be better. To  be more productive, effective and efficient. Engage with them and use this tool to help them close more deals and they will actively use it more and more.. Take this tool and place it in a folder without review or discussion you might as place it in a shredder. It is useless.

My points about salespeople aren’t writers:


Make a form that doesn't have them write a story. Give them s form that is simple and quick to review and discuss, (Great for face time with your people. I call them One on Ones.) Name of contact, Date of Contact, Needs of Contact, Won the Sale, How did we win?, Lost a Sale, Why did we lose? If it is still ongoing, What is the current Selling Stage? Rate this client of probability of a sale 1-10 and why. This is easy for the Salesperson to fill out, they don't write a book and easy for you to decipher. You are only interested in the facts and what you can do to help them close the deal. You will know your talent and make obvious decisions of those pretending to be salespeople when they are actually order takers. You will become more effective by closing more deals if you are worth your salt and your team will get you involved in more of their weekly activities. Don't forget the tips you will learn from your vets to pass along to your weaker salespeople. it is all about team building individually. Being the Boss ain't easy, but this helps. It becomes easier. We are pros we don't shun the tough stuff!. Salespeople don't have the patience or time to write and you don't have time to read useless information about everybody's daily log, but you do have time to meet with your people to train, critique, motivate, inspire, cultivate and lead your sales team. Be Awesome. ~LetsGO!

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