It is not only the people and pets who need shelter from the elements, but an automobile is also usually considered to be one of the more important investments you make and it needs proper shelter and care too. A carport is a shelter that is constructed from wood, metals or other materials that are available for construction. It tends to take the place of a garage and is a perfect solution to protect the vehicles.  Here’s everything about single carports that you may need to know.

What is A Single Carport?

A single carport is smaller than the garage and is also used as a permanent shelter for the car. A single carport will be placed in the limited space depending on the size of the home to protect the vehicle. Carports are durable and last for years. A single carport is sheltered with the metal and they are designed to cover one car, boat or recreational vehicle. Single carport can be in a single arrow dimension and works for as long as by the addition of services like delivery service and installation. 

Typically free standing and attached carports are available in the market with the variation of permanent and temporary car shelter. The structure of the galvanized steel and vinyl coated steel is used to construct the carports. The fabric carports are high grade and framed with the powder-coated steel. Fabric carports are used as a permanent carport and steel carports are used as a temporary carport to stable for a certain period. Single carports are permanent as well as temporary. Permanent Carports are a heavyweight and difficult to install alone. Temporary carports are available in the various markets in different models and materials. Temporary car shelter is usually made up of fabric material. Temporary single carport or mobile shelter is handy and flexible too. 

Is Building Permit Required to Construct a Single Carport?

The building permit is definitely required to construct a single carport structure. To get the building permit you will require a site plan of the proposed carport. You will have to show its size as per the property lines. You will have to submit a building permit fee as well which is based on the valuation of the structure plus and nominal permit issuance fee too. You will need to hire a licensed contractor for any construction project. But if you are a homeowner/builder you can take responsibility for construction. 

What Are the Advantages of Using Carport?

A single carport is considered to be an important investment to protect highly invested automobiles. Advantages of car shelter are listed below: 

  • Safety from weather
  • Safety from perpetrators
  • Additional space
  • It can be used as a play area for kids as well. 
  • An organization with protective walls
  • Lack of door is quite convenient
  • It is energy efficient.
  • Added attraction to home
  • If your carport is with the walls it may provide added space for storing items like tools and car parts.
  • Increased value of the property
  • Very helpful for people who live alone as it allows to park the car near home. 

You can use the carport in various ways and for different purposes. A carport is not only used for vehicles, its outdoor space is used to fill benches, and the best pavilion for the business meeting it can also be used to make residential parks, or shelter shade used to build a garden with flowers and plants. The primary use of the carport is to store the extra storage materials.

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