Signs That Foretell You Need A Car Transmission Repair!

A transmission is central to the functioning of your car as it is the only system that is responsible for a proper regulation of power. However, car transmission is just a machine, commonly known as the gearbox. The function of a gearbox is quite simple and they can work with the following models:  

  • Providing speed through gears and trains.
  • Conversion of torque from one power source to another.

The transmission is responsible for the fluctuation of gear ratio as per the speed of your car. Shifting gears is essential for maintaining the rpm of your engine in order to get the best performance from your car. It is because of this importance of car transmission that one has to be particular about car transmission repair and give a thorough check to it.

Symptoms that indicate a transmission problem

A timely car transmission repair can be predicted with the help of some basic signs. A well-timed anticipation of a failing automatic transmission system can save you from some major predicaments in the future. Below have been stated a few signs that exhibit the deteriorating quality of transmission that calls for a car transmission repair.

  • Variations in Transmission: The car may suddenly seem to be underpowered and the gear might show certain glitches. It will change without having the need for it or might slip irregularly. Further, gear shifting can be rigid and less smooth than usual. In this regard, you need to check the transmission system and change the oil of the gearbox if needed.  
  • Leakage of fluid: If there is a leakage, then there is a problem. Transmissions must not have a leak as they sealed units. Check for the color of the leaking fluid, if it is either bright red, dark red or even brown, then you need to visit the auto service center for a car transmission repair.
  • Warning lights: The flickering of transmission lights does not confirm the presence of a transmission problem but the illumination coupled with any of the above symptoms should be enough to ring a bell. If you find any indication from your transmission system then you should consult with the transmission repair specialists. They will evaluate the system thoroughly and identify the issue.   
  • Other common occurrences: One might experience clunking and whining of the engine which is often ignored. Presence of a burn-like smell and increased noise, while the car is in neutral, are other obvious indications left unconsidered the most.

These are the signs that you are in a dire need of car transmission repair so pay heed to these mishaps very meticulously.  

How would you find the best car transmission repair services?

In Australia, transmission problems can turn out to a major headache. So we have some pointers to be in kept in mind while looking for the ideal auto expert for your car transmission repair. Read them thoroughly! 

  • Research before you visit: It is a must to have an insight regarding the service center you choose. Call and ask for all the necessary information before finalizing your transmission repair. Inquire about their approach, whether they will replace or rebuild the transmission with the limited warranty or not. They must provide yo with a limited warranty on their services.   
  • Get an estimate: Go with a reliable service center that provides you with a reliable, credible and transparent estimate that does not have hidden charges of any sort.
  • Look for qualified mechanics: Make sure that you select a reputed transmission repair center that is well-equipped with experienced technicians who are a member of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association.

Your car is your one of the most prized-possessions which can turn bad if handled without proficiency. So take all these points into consideration and then opt for a car transmission repair. 


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