Social Media Content: Zombies Keep Out!

There are zombies out there right now trying to “manage” your business’ Social Media.  Many dealers are still defining what Social Media means to them and their business.  If you’re not a regular user, it’s hard to decipher what really will work for you.  Some promise success; others scare you into a purchase because you don’t know what else to do.  One thing we know for sure is that zombies cannot do what humans do.  Automation only goes so far.  Social Media marketing is a social activity!

Social Media is unlike other forms of digital marketing.  SEO, PPC, Remarketing, Web Development, and QR Codes are all forms of a linear approach: “If you do this, then you get that.” Successful Social Media is driven by meaningful content. Meaningful content?  What the heck is that?  Fundamentally, it’s the creation and sharing of information with your audience.  It converts prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers.  Repeated and regular exposure through Social networks builds a trusted relationship.  You create multiple opportunities for conversion rather than a one-shot, all or nothing sales approach.

Everything about successful Social Media is nonlinear. Meaningful content is created by real people, not zombies.  You must identify who your customer is.  To start talking before you know who you’re talking to is risky.  The only way to understand your Social customer is to interact with them.  You must listen, engage, respond, measure and repeat.  It’s impossible to automate authentic human social activity.

To run successful Social Media campaigns you must hire a Content Strategist. You can buy all the support tools you want that save time and analyze your results, but you cannot automate engaging the customer in Social Media conversations.  JD Rucker posted a great article today on about the importance of supporting your Internet team to field leads by hiring a designated Digital Manager.  Content strategy is one of the duties of a Digital Manager.  You need a proactive presence to curate meaningful content across all your Social Media platforms.

Technology has allowed us to communicate so many different ways but it hasn’t changed the fact that we all still want to know the place we spend our money cares about us.  In this Social economy, caring is sharing.  We meet the customer where they are and build a relationship with them.  When you marry meaningful content with an interested audience, your Social marketing campaigns launch from a solid foundation.  Your customers are ready to hear from you.  Just don’t forget to be human!

Kathi Kruse
Social Media Coaching & Training

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