Start Rolling in the Sales with Pre-Roll Video

Marketing experts agree that online video is the wave of the future and to some extent may replace television altogether. eMarketer predicts that 169 million people (71% of US internet users) will be watching online video each month by the end of 2012. This sizeable market share should not be overlooked as their attention is easily captivated through Pre-Roll Video, a short video advertisement shown prior to the video selected by the user

With big businesses having already started buying out pre-roll ad space, it’s important that your dealership get into the space TODAY! 


Top 3 Reasons Dealerships Should Consider Pre-Roll Video:  


1. Optimal Targeting 

With traditional commercials, you cast a wide net, hoping to lure in individuals who are in the market to buy a car.  On the contrary, the pre-roll video network allows you to narrowly target specific websites as well as content of videos that you wish to serve your pre-roll video ads on.  This narrow targeting allows you to optimize your marketing budget and reach customers who are ready to convert.


2. Captive Audience 

Technologies such as satellite radio & DVRs, offer consumers the ability to watch television and listen to the radio sans all the advertisements on which businesses spend large portions of their marketing budget.   Pre-Roll Video, on the other hand, requires users to view these short video ads prior to watching the desired content.  These “true impressions” differ from those display and P.P.C. advertising impressions, which are inclusive of ads that your target audience may or may not see due to their placement on the page (i.e. below the fold).


3. Interactive Engagement

Unlike other forms of online video ads, video pre-roll allows customers to interact and with a simple click can directed to your website to learn more about your dealership’s specials.  

With pre-roll video’s optimal targeting and captive and engaging audience businesses on average tend to see higher click-through rates and lower cost per click.  Furthermore the ability to reuse your dealership’s current video assets makes pre-roll video one of the most cost effective ways to reach target customers and sell more cars.

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