Step by Step Guide to Selling Your Car

Step by Step Guide to Selling Your Car
Selling a car is easy. The real challenge in selling your car is to sell it at a good price. Not that many people have the skills to wheel and deal, but with this guide, you could make an extra dollar or so.

The secret in selling a vehicle is to think like a buyer. If you are going to buy a car, what are the things that you would look? Once you've figured that out, you then ask yourself how you could make those qualities stand out from the competition. Selling a car well is a fine art in balancing your marketing skills and making profits.

Here are the six easy steps in selling your car.

1. The first easy step to sell your car is to make sure that it is appealing. Wash it, clean it, vacuum it, wax it – do whatever it takes within your budget to make you want to buy it again. Ask yourself this question, "If you yourself are the buyer, would you buy the car that you are selling?" Nobody wants to take a look at a monstrosity that's seen better days. And even if they decide to take a look or buy, they'll do so at rock bottom prices.

2. Compare your car price with cars of the same make, model and condition and price accordingly. Look for the best used car advertisement on the Internet. What made it stand out and get noticed? What made it appealing to you? Then compare that with your car's condition and price it somewhere along the area of the ad that you just took a look into. You have the option to price your car lower or higher. But you must be able to offer a reason for doing so. For example, your car is lower because it has one part that needs servicing. You can price your car higher if you can guarantee that your car is in a better condition than the others.

3. Advertise. Advertise. Advertise. This doesn't mean that you should flood the Internet with pictures of your car. Exposure and relevance mean a lot. Your location is very important to prospective buyers so make sure to advertise in a local website's classifieds. Choose where you advertise and build a good reputation online. Use social media to your advantage by buzzing about your car on your facebook and twitter account.

4. Meet the buyer halfway. Have an attitude of a good salesman. Get the prospective buyer to trust you. Treat the buyer well, and you're on your way to making a sale. Be transparent and never hide defects and faults.

5. Negotiation skills are very important. When you negotiate, always ensure that you have a valid reason for negotiation. The buyer will naturally want to get the best price. In the process he or she will point out the problems of the car. Always start with, "Yeah well, you're right but if you look in the Internet you'll find a car in worse condition that goes for a higher price."

6. Closing the deal. This has to do with documentation and other legal matters. Ensure that all the required documents and requirements are complied with. Walk the buyer through the fine print.

Remember to do unto others what you want to be done unto you. You will definitely get a good deal and build your network of clientele for future sales.

Robert Dale is a car enthusiast and writes for AutoDealer; an automotive classifieds website and for help writing a research paper service.

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