The 7 most useless gadgets of all time

7. Amstrad E-mailer 

The Amstrad E-Mailer was a wired phone with an LCD. This magic telephone had a dial-up web browser. But the main thing here, as it said in its name, that you could send emails. The gadget was presented to the public in 2000 when such idea could have a success. It could have done a great job, however, developers used “pay as you use” model, which was too expensive. And the gadget itself wasn’t a good-quality product. The good idea was realized very bad. 

6. Xybernaut Poma 

This is a wearable PC, that was made in 2002. If you remember, in 2002 nobody has ever heard about wi-fi and the mobile internet was a kind of dream. In this time Xybernaut made a computer. It almost didn’t have any functions, was very ugly and you couldn’t wear it during the rain. However, it was a computer and it was wearable! 

5. Withings Hair Coach 

Outside is the year 2017, so what about a comb for $200? It was advertised as “future of hair care”. Well, a comb had a microphone, gyroscope, and other weird devices. Due to a high number of different devices inside, the tomb was ready to inform if you were brushing your hair too hard. You could even use a special mobile app. Did I say the comb has a wifi and Bluetooth connections? Using them, you could connect to your phone and see your brushing progress, your current hair condition etc. 

4. Umbrella Drone

A brave futuristic experiment. A drone with an umbrella that trying to save you from the rain. How does it work? You take your smartphone and turning on GPS. Then you sync with smartphone. After that, you can start walking in the rain, until the drone loses connection, or until he won’t be grabbed by a random person. Developers say that it has a long battery life. Well, if you like walking more than 30 minutes this drone isn’t for you. 

You can think, that it isn’t as useless as it seems. It could be pretty cool to walk with a drone and. Yeah, it could be good if the costs cheaper than $1500. 

3. Denso Vacuum Cleaner Shoes 

Ugly shoes with a dust beneath its sole. They’re heavy and cleaning is supposed to do is very doubtful. 

2. Sony Vaio Mouse Talk 

A mouse with inbuilt microphone for 2006. The biggest problem here was that the computer usually have only one mouse and you can’t move your cursor on the screen without it. If you’re talking by mouse (like by phone), then you can’t use other PC's functions. Not convenient, useless. 

1. NoPhone Zero. 

NoPhone Zero is like an iPhone “any number”. This “gadget” got a $1,239 during the Kickstarter campaign. What does the NoPhone do? Nothing. This a piece of black plastic which has almost the same weight and size as an iPhone, but it is only a piece of plastic. 

It is said it was designed for iPhone addicts who always need to check something in their phone.

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