The Automotve Road Less Travelled by Drew Spink

The Automotive Industry has certainly been through an obstacle course of metal testing challenges in 2014.

The fact that dealerships have seen a decline in footfall and far less visits to the showroom floor has impacted on sales and staff morale.

The reality is the purchasing journey has changed totally. The industry has to start changing and adapting or many dealerships will suffer detrimentally .Sales staff could end up becoming analogue players stuck in a digital world if they do not adapt and embrace new processes and practices. The understanding of creating activity ,managing your incoming leads whilst driving appointments to ensure sales are vital actions that need to happen on a daily basis.

I am a massive believer in using technology wisely and effectively however in a business that is driven by proactive people doing pragmatic actions the danger of cultivating a reactive culture is as very real reality. The automotive business is an industry that is driven by people and I am referring to clients and the staff at your dealership. The human touch is so important in sales as people buy from people and more importantly from those they like and trust.

The points I have mentioned are nothing new however as an industry the old adage adapt or die very aptly describes what needs to happen. A few weeks ago I visited a number of monolithic super showrooms and many of them are simply devoid of showroom visitors.

Creative and innovative people that can drive sales by understanding the new way potential customers are starting their purchasing journey and can then become an integral part of that by adding value to the experience will be successful in creating conversion.

The Dealership can become a hub once more by delivering a Destination Dealership concept to your potential customers that makes your dealership a must visit.

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