The Best Way to Reduce the Price of a Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar is known as a prestigious make; they have been existence for many years and have established a reputation for building vehicles that offer both luxury and high performance. They are responsible for many iconic vehicles such as the E-Type Jaguar; in fact they are often used by heads of state as they offer comfort and performance; in case of a threat.

Vehicles with these credentials; however, do not come cheaply. Part of the appeal of owning a Jaguar is the high standard of manufacturing which is applied to every car. The other part of the appeal is that the price tag ensures the car is a status symbol and not just something that anyone can buy.

These attributes make it likely that you not will be able to negotiate a discount on your next Jaguar, whether it is a Jaguar F-Type or an F-Pace; however, there are a number of ways to make the vehicle more affordable:

  • Trade-in

Providing you are trading in a vehicle that the dealer will be able to re-sell easily, you should be able to get a healthy discount off the price of your new Jaguar F-Type.  Of course, a good trade in will need to be low mileage with a full service history, and in immaculate condition.

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  • History

If you have a long history with a specific dealer, they may be willing to offer you a deal which is not available to the general public.  This allows them to make a re-occurring profit from you and they will want to ensure you remain happy with the service; this will stop you from going to a different dealership.

  • Finance

Finance can actually save you money on your purchase!  If the finance offer is a very low rate or a zero rate then you may be better off with the finance.  The way to decide if financing is a better option for you is to determine if your money will earn more where it is currently being saved than what you will need to pay in interest on the finance.  If this is the case then borrowing the funds will actually work out as a less expensive option than paying for the car upfront; effectively creating a discount on the price of your Jaguar F-Type.

  • Lease Options

It may surprise you to discover that a lease can actually be a more attractive way of purchasing your car.  A small deposit will be required alongside regular monthly payments.  At the end of a set period you will be able to purchase the car for the reserve price; this often works out cheaper than buying the car outright in the first place.

  • Ex-Demo

Many dealers need to keep a vehicle in stock to allow a potential buyer to test drive the car and be sure they are happy to purchase it.  The car will be registered to the dealer so you will appear to be the second buyer and it will have a low mileage on it already;  however, the dealer will be able to offer a significant discount on the usual purchase price. 

  • Last year’s model

Dealers like Budds Jaguar purchase a set amount of Jaguars each year; however, if they do not sell them all and the new model is updated, even in a small way, the car will not be the latest version.  These vehicles will then be sold on either very attractive finance deals or with a good discount!

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