The Dealership Next Door is Data-Mining are you?

AutoAlert is the industry’s leading automotive data mining and sales opportunities platform that helps dealerships identify high-quality leads in your sales and service database, increase volume of retail trade-ins and improve customer retention.

Our proprietary data mining software enables you to anticipate your customer’s needs and leverage critical information based on the six types of alerts shown below. Our extensive training program trains you on the sales and marketing techniques needed to open up more opportunities and close more sales.

Upgrade Alert Know when your customer is in a position to upgrade to a new vehicle for a similar or lower monthly payment.

Service Alert Receive text and email alerts when customers have scheduled service or pull into your service drive with various opportunities.

Mileage Alert Help clients avoid mileage penalties and get into a new car by knowing when they are approaching contracted lease miles.

Contract Alert Prompts you in advance to contact your clients when their purchase or lease contracts are nearing completion.

Flex Alert Identifies buyers who can lower their payments through current market incentives and more flexible terms.

Warranty Alert Even if clients didn’t purchase from your dealership, know when they are ready for an extended warranty.

We also support and train on selling in the service lane to existing customers or customers who bought elsewhere. AutoAlert is adding thousands of additional Alert sales opportunities for its users by adding credit soft pulls for Service-not-Sold records that will help them sell more vehicles in the service drive.

Ryan Mayo (949) 679-2256 Regional Sales Representative

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Comment by Brian Bennington on June 20, 2015 at 8:26pm

Hey Ryan, If you'll forgive me for mentioning it, I really don't think your "less than subtle" AutoAlert pitch is necessary here.  I'm pretty sure it would be hard to find a DE member who doesn't know all about them.  You might notice you only have 21 views and that's a pretty good indicator that either people think it's redundant or DE isn't circulating it as it seems they sometimes frown on presentations as blatant as this one.  (Of note: Your headline would make a lot more sense if you split it into two sentences.  "The dealership next door is data mining.  Are you?)    

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