The Difference Between a Temporary and Permanent Car Showroom

If you have a car that you bought from a showroom, you probably did not notice what the structure looked like inside. The focus was on buying your new ride. But to let you know, car dealers consider numerous factors before they decide whether their showroom will be permanent or temporary. Although both of these structures will serve their purpose, they differ in many ways. This publication will look at these differences and the benefits of each structure.

The Design

It is true that designing permanent and temporary showrooms differ. Before the permanent structures are put up, the architects have to take consideration to utilize the space in the best way. For temporary structures, the designs are easy to follow and come in many varieties. The experts may need to assess the available space and make custom designs. It is easy to use designs that are already available or modify them slightly to suit the needs of temporary showroom clients.

Construction Material

The showroom is supposed to be cool at all times so that the vehicles can stay in good condition. Therefore, the material should be appropriate for both options. While permanent structures will use bricks and stones to build, temporary ones will do well with canvas, plywood, and aluminum box frames. According to experts, the duration you would like to have the temporary structure can dictate the material that will be used. All in all, new technology keeps on inventing better and more durable temporary structures materials.

Construction Time

Building a permanent brick and mortar vehicle showroom can take a long time. This is because the constructor requires time to cure the bricks and make them strong. But surprisingly, temporary showrooms for vehicles may only take a week. The frames and outer materials are fabricated in the factory. Experts use machines to prepare the materials in readiness for assembling at the site of work. Unlike permanent structures, which are assembled at the site, the flexibility and speed of construction of temporary structures makes it the preferred style among most people.


These two structures differ in durability. Of course, permanent structures made of steel roofs, brick, and mortar walls will last for many years when they are done by professionals. They have a strong foundation and the car dealers are not worried about the building collapsing. In short, permanent structures have higher durability. On the other hand, temporary structures are still durable and include all of the safety features. They are mostly preferred by car dealers today because the materials used are light yet durable. Smart Space experts are now getting a lot of business as people move towards this option.


Security of the vehicles and other items in a showroom is a big concern for many people, especially the investors. If you think that brick showrooms are stronger, then you should know that even temporary structures have excellent safety features. Some use laser detectors, strong locks, and walls that are protected by human guards. The only difference is that stone or concrete walls cannot allow intruders with ease. The temporary once can still have additional safety features added before the cars are put inside.

Relocation Convenience

If you are planning to be in one location for a short time, then a temporary showroom with ample parking and an office will be convenient. Such land is usually leased or the owner knows that there is something that will eventually make you leave. Temporary structures are loved by many since they can be relocated and reused on the other end. Most of the frames are screwed together instead of being welded in place permanently. That means that dismantling and assembling them is easy.


It is easy to compare how much the structures will cost. Temporary structures are the cheaper option than building a permanent building. However, they are known to provide value for money when done in a professional way. The type of material used can determine the cost of the temporary showroom. Permanent ones usually have a similar total figure of construction.

Final Word

As you can see, all these two structures differ in almost all factors. But with the right insights, you will make the right decisions as the investor before making a showroom.

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Honored to have Chris Saraceno with me today. We had an amazing conversation about LEADERSHIP and his book The Theory of 5. Chris is an amazing leader that t...
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