The Top Ten Traits of Sales Superstars by Drew Spink

I started selling cars at the tender age of 16 and I bought and sold my first car while still studying at school. I can clearly remember and recall the great feeling of making my first profit. As I watched the taillights disappear down the driveway I realized I was on my own journey to a career in sales.

I grew up in the automotive industry and cars and people are something I am passionate about. I was recently afforded the opportunity and privilege of being allowed to publish articles on LinkedIn and I thought I would pen one about what I believe makes a sales superstar

1. Personality, character and charisma.

2. The Right Attitude

3. Passionate about what they do

4. They ask quality questions and build rapport.

5. Emotional intelligence is displayed by understanding wants and needs.

6. Authenticity, great listening skills and a genuine care for customers

7. Integrity and honesty in all they do.

8. Consistency and determination.

9. Excellent communication skills.

10. Superb after sales care and follow up culminating in trust relationships.

The truly great sales stars display discipline and they normally have an outstanding customer driven sales process and language pattern that they stick to.

I have put a few of the traits I think are important together however if you have some to add to the list let's hear from you.

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