Tips for Building Outdoor Race Car Track for Kids Backyard Activities

Building outdoor race car track for kids is one of the best ways to keep them entertained. It would also grab the attention of your whole neighborhood. So, it is indeed a clean fun from every aspect however, you need to follow the proper tips and ways to make sure that you end up with the best race car track.

Here are a few tips mentioned to help you build outdoor race car track for kids’ backyard activities.

  • Width of Track

First of all, you need to determine the width of a track properly. You must be clear how many lanes you want for the toy racing set. You can get the dimensions by measuring the width of your kid’s toy cars. Each lane of the track you make must be able to accommodate the toy cars.

  • Mark the Track

After measuring the width of the track, you can map its path with the help of a rope or string. It is even better if you lay out the rope to create proper curves for your toy cars. It would help create a proper outline of the track. You can also measure the length of your track with the use of string.

  • Dig a Trench

After you have mapped out your track, you can dig a trench with a shovel. However, the width and depth of the trench must be according to your needs and requirements. If the surface of the ground you choose has grass over it, you need to chop it out and replant it anywhere else. Also, if there are any trees and plants, you must avoid digging into their roots as it would cause to damage them. Moreover, the roots might also end up wrapping around your track.

  • Line with Bricktor

You must line the trench with the bricktor to provide it with additional support. It helps prevents the concrete cracking. It plays a very significant role, especially if the area or place you live in experiences extreme seasonal and temperature swings. Moreover, you should measure the length of your track beforehand to make sure that you buy enough bricktor which covers the entire length of car track.

  • Mix and Lay the Cement

It is advised to mix ¾ of sand and ¾ of concrete in water and mix it with the shovel. You must keep adding more sand and concrete and continue to mix until you get a thick and wet mixture which is not soupy. If you want to give the mixture a black color, you can add black oxide powder in it. You can also follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to mix the cement perfectly. Then you can lay the cement on the track and draw yellow lines on it with chalk.

  • Add Accessories

You can add other accessories like top rated patio umbrella, artificial stones, and others to add more beauty and fun to the race car track of your kids.

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