Tis the season for an HR reminder: company holiday parties

Now is the time of year when many employees are getting ready to party hard at the company holiday party. Yet, company polices do not end when the party begins. Therefore, employers should remind employees about guidelines for appropriate behavior, and how company polices are still applicable during a holiday party (even if it is scheduled off-site and during non-business hours).
Party with a Plan ?Employers should send an agenda ahead of time to all employees that describes when, where and most importantly the ?rules of engagement? for the party. Remind employees in the agenda or invitation that any behavior that could violate a company policy will be enforced. This will improve your chances that employees will behave appropriately and decrease the opportunity for inappropriate behavior. Especially, those behaviors that could lead to a form of harassment. Be the Example ?As an employer, remind your management staff that they are the ?role models? in the organization. A policy is not enforceable if management is seen breaking the very rules they expect their employees to obey. Make sure that all management staff is held accountable for their own actions during the holiday season.
The holiday season is a great time for employees to celebrate and be ?Merry.? However, those celebrations can have negative consequences and liability for an employer who does not remind his employees of the rules.
(republished from KPA's blog: http://blog.kpaonline.com/2012/12/tis-the-season-for-an-hr-reminder/)

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