To Contact until they Buy or Die? That is the Question..

When you first get that customer’s information and they are unable to make a commitment at that time what is a realistic timeframe to keep trying to contact that customer. Most ”experts” will say 120-180 days, but in today’s faster moving decision process for the customer do you really think they are still in the market? I would have to say “No”, please keep in mind that this is my opinion. The first 1-24 hours is the most important. If you can respond to someone as they are still sitting at the computer…You WIN!

As a person that works in the trenches on a day to day basis I have found that if I have not received a response within about 30 days the customer has already purchased a vehicle. Typically I have had some great luck at getting a hold of a customer within the first 72 hour. I thank my success to an “Internet Jedi”-Joe Webb. I have gained a great deal of success from listening to his advice. There have been others along the way as well, but sorry I got off track. With the use of great templates and time management (when the templates are sent out) and you ACTUALLY make the phone calls then you should have a response-good or bad from the customer within the first 3 days. There are some exceptions to the rules because you might be in an area where most of your clients are in the military and they have very limited access a computer (for example). If you answer the customer’s first inquiry with a well researched response, answer all the customers questions, and add a quick 10-15 second video of yourself...Your responses will increase dramatically and ultimately you will make more money.

Bradley Belford

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Comment by Catherine Edwards on July 12, 2010 at 7:17pm
Once the lead comes in and a multi-vehicle price quote is sent, the sales rep has a significantly higher chance of reaching the customer when a call is made within 10 minutes. According to an MIT study, a call made within 5 minutes has been shown to increase contact with shoppers 100 times over a call that goes out in 30 minutes.

Be persistent in your attempts to get an appointment; it will pay off. If at first you don’t succeed in reaching the car buyer, call and email at regularly scheduled intervals during the next 15 days. Be aggressive for the first five days with two calls and an email daily to the prospective buyer but leave only one voicemail message. Alternate calls and emails during the next 10 days.

Best practice is to continue to follow up with the car shopper for up to 180 days,

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