Top Ten Blogs and News for Auto Dealers: February 21 - 27

We meet again, Friday! It’s been a busy week, and you’re probably closing those end-of-the-month sales… but that’s no reason to fall behind on the latest happenings in the industry! As usual, we have the latest automotive news and blogs from around the web to share with you before the weekend kicks in.

In this edition of the top 10, read all about upgrade envy in car-buying behavior, how to overcome a cash buyer, the dangers of bad managed chat teams, and more! Let’s start:


10. Female engineers make inroads in automotive industry

According to recent polls, women only hold 25% of jobs in the motor vehicle and parts industry -- but they influence 80% of car-buying decisions. This is a missed opportunity for automakers!


9. Why Dealerships Need to Have Personalized Websites or Perish

Digital personalization has been the talk of the town lately, and for good reason. Check out the stats on why your dealership needs to incorporate personalization into its marketing strategy.


8. New Car Buying Service Aims To Eliminate Salespeople

Roadster is a new car buying service that wants to be the new middleman between dealerships and consumers. The company’s “people” would handle leasing, trade-ins, financing, etc.


7. Risky Business: 3 Ways a Bad Outsourced Chat Team Can Hurt Your Sales

When you choose a managed chat team, it’s important to be weary of certain pitfalls that can actually hurt your dealership’s online conversion AND reputation.


6. When Will I See You Again?

The longer your customers spend without hearing from your dealership, the less likely they are to do business with you. But in order to reconnect with these past customers, you need to be DIFFERENT!


5. Upgrade envy has drivers trading in cars as often as iPhones

As car sales continue to rise and automotive technology advances, we’ve begun to see an interesting shift in car buyer behavior. Automotive shoppers are actually pretty similar to Apple customers!


4. Organizing Your Custom Website Content To Track ROI

To track the ROI of your SEO and content strategies, build online directories in your website so you know WHERE your content is. Learn how in this post!


3. The Modern Way to Overcome a Cash Buyer

Mediating with a cash buyer can be frustrating, especially with the abundance of “Beware of Dealership” articles on the Internet. Robert Karbaum offers a creative, modern approach you can try!


2. U.S. auto sales roar toward strongest February since 2002

Congrats, Dealers! Even as relentless cold weather covers the Northeast, the automotive industry’s sales continue to boom, with leasing on the rise. Let’s keep the streak going!


1. What is branding? [VIDEO]

You can read hundreds of books on branding, or you can watch this two minute video for some weekend inspiration. We recommend the latter!


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