Top Ten Blogs and News for Auto Dealers: March 7 - 13

Happy Friday, Auto Professionals! As usual, your friends at ActivEngage have compiled the latest, most interesting automotive news stories and blogs from around the Web!


In this edition of the Top Ten, learn why dealerships should welcome customer complaints, how to win over millennials for service, need-to-know trends found in a new study on dealer reviews, and much more!

10. 8 Ways to Botch a Sales Deal [Infographic]

If implemented incorrectly, digital marketing can be bad for business. Check out this HubSpot infographic to avoid 8 potential pitfalls that can cost your dealership prospective customers!


9. Welcome Dealership Complaints

Customer feedback won’t always be positive, but you can use complaints to help build your dealership processes, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales.


8. Surveys can lie, but the brain knows if shoppers like ads

Consumer neuroscience can help you see the effectiveness of your dealership’s ads more accurately, so you can then improve your marketing strategy.


7. Old Horses for New Horses and Killing the BDC

Is it time to end the BDC? Mark Rikess makes a strong argument in this DealerRefresh blog post -- as well as how your dealership can compensate the “new salesperson”.


6. Service and Millennials: The Keys to Winning Their Business

Consistency, transparency, and technology -- three important factors that will help you get more millennials to your service bays.


5. Infiniti, Mini, Mitsubishi stores most-improved in responding to Internet leads

A recent study shows how dealerships have been following up on Internet leads over the last few years. Check out what the brands with the best results did differently to improve customer satisfaction, and where there is room for improvement!


4. Analyzes Dealer Reviews and Uncovers These Interesting Trends

When are customers most actively leaving dealer reviews online? This and other interesting trends can be found in’s latest study.


3. The Definitive Guide to Creative Optimization

A new study by the Big Data experts at Rocket Fuel shows automotive advertising trends like top performing vehicle colors, and how safety data (such as MPG) can increase conversion.


2. Repair Your Dealership’s Fixed Ops Strategy

Learn ways to improve your dealership’s digital marketing strategy for fixed ops in our most recent eBook! 


1. Toyota Aygo | X-Wave Weather Challenge

What happens when these 3 meteorologists mispredict the weather and drive the new Toyota Aygo? Watch this video for a good laugh and have a good weekend!



Did you miss Todd Smith’s online presentation, “The 4 Costly Follow-Up Mistakes You Can Fix Right Now?” Access it here!

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