Once you have decided which tow bar type to purchase, it is important to know how to install it. Typically, tow bars are bolted to the frame of the vehicle just beneath the bumper. But some lower weight options allow the tow bar to be bolted to the bumper as well. In either of the case, the tow bar must be of the appropriate length to fit on the front or back of the vehicle.

You must measure the vehicle before looking for a tow bar. It is also necessary to find a tow bar based on the make and model of the vehicle. Next, you must consider the size of the tow ball that is fitted on the tow bar. A tow bracket fits over the ball on the bar and must fit the ball so that the trailer or the vehicle can be pulled safely. A tow bar is normally compatible with one size of tow ball. That is why most hitches feature an exchangeable tow ball. Someone who is hauling very heavy loads should choose a larger ball while someone with light load can choose a slimmer one too. S standard tow bar is 50 mm in diameter. You may however find and buy tow balls with diameters ranging from 47.6 to 58.7 mm.

Many tow bars allow the tow ball to be taken out and replaced with a different size of the ball.  If you are planning to tow different sizes of trailer hitches, or if you are not able to find a tow bar with the correct size of tow ball, you must purchase a tow bar that allows the tow ball to be changed out.

For tow bar fitting Melbourne, you must also understand two bar weight class. The tow bar weight class refers to the amount of weight that the hitch is allowed to pull. While exact amounts of weight vary depending on the intended use of the tow bar, the weight class of the vehicle, and whether the tow bar is bumper mounted or frame mounted, there are different tow bar weight classes that you must know about in order to purchase the correct weight load for a tow bar.

Weight class category I tow bars are used for light vehicles. Class II for light to medium loads, class III for campers, trailers, and small boats, and class IV for large loads.
It is advisable to size and fit the tow bar before buying it as it lets you know whether the tow bar is able to fit the vehicle and is able to attach to either the frame or the bumper. You can also avail tow bar fitting and installation services in Melbourne to ensure that the tow bar is fitted correctly and securely in to the vehicle.

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