Track Your Auto Dealership's Facebook Following

Ever wonder how many people really see what you post on your car dealership's Facebook page? Facebook recently added features to its Insights for business pages, offering new opportunities to see how people are connecting with pages.

Now, you can see how many people saw a post or interacted with it by commenting or liking, and also which posts got the most views and interactions. The new Facebook Insights also lets you see interactions, new likes, and more for any specific period of time you choose.

This tool will let you see what kinds of posts are the most popular. You can fine-tune how you write posts and what kinds of links you share. In looking at Facebook pages that our Automotive Ad Agency manages, I found that informal posts unrelated to automotive sales got the most interaction. For example, last week, posts asking about favorite and least favorite Christmas songs received many comments on one page.

To access Insights for your dealership's Facebook business page, just click "Edit" right below the profile image, and then "Insights" along the left side. If you're not satisfied with the stats for your page, contact us today for help building a social media following for your auto dealership.


Paul Potratz

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