Twitter Can Be Used For Business Branding?

Twitter Can Be Used For Business Branding?

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that has about 248 million active users as of 2014.  When using this program, people send short messages, better known as “tweets”, which can be read both by followers (or people who also have Twitter accounts) as well as those who are not registered users. Individuals and businesses alike use this to communicate short messages, send images and best of all, use as a promotional tool. The average user spends 170 minutes on twitter daily, with an average number of followers per user of over 200.

The stronger your Twitter presence is, the stronger chances they have of expanding their customer base. Very mobile friendly and this very accessible to your potential and current clients.

Here are five tips on branding your business with Twitter:

  1. Get access to like-minded brands immediately. When you sign up for an account, there is a feature that will match you with individuals and businesses, based on keywords that you provide. Once you are established and follow these brands, potential followers will see this association and request to follow you.
  2. Communicate information and updates about your company quickly. Because some people do not have the time to access their blog or website, by posting the information to Twitter, it can go live instantly.
  3. Promote your brands and services. Your blog posts, web site or anything online related to your company can be forwarded to many when you click the Twitter or “Tweet Me” icon. You can tweet text, streaming video images and more.
  4. Use your company name in your Twitter name. This advice applies to all your social media accounts. Use your company name in the Twitter account name, so that people searching for your company name can find your Tweets from search engines.
  5. Use the Twitter background to further brand your business. The background image can and should include your web site URL, URLs to your other social media properties, and even your Unique Selling Proposition.

Auto Dealers, Doctors, Lawyers, HVAC, Plumbers, Electrical, Non-Profits and many other businesses have benefited from NAB getting them seen and respected in their community. Building their reputation, online presence, and generating leads for them. Let us show you how we can do this very reasonably, we help you get online, get seen, and help you with a total branding effort. If you are interested, leave a comment or contact us directly from LinkedIn. Are your verified on Google Business? Ask us, we will help you for free...Coming soon, StLouis Biz Talk.

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