The Idea:
 Consider doing a Sales Manager Video T.O. I was the GSM at Mills Chevrolet, with the company nearly 20 years before I took my current position with Here's a link to Sales Manager Video T.O. I did back in 2010. This video can be sent out as part of your normal follow up process or just hard to reach prospects. The idea is to give the shopper direct access to a decision maker, while going the extra mile to earn their business. We never really implemented it before I resigned, however, I still like the idea.

The “Why”:
Many times early in the online sales process we had some initial shopper contact, then once prices, payments, trade figures were on the table, the prospect would become unresponsive. Many dealers have the same challenge today. A video from the GSM or SM letting the shopper know the dealer would like to take another look at the figures might help to get the prospect to re-engage. Something, different, a way to bring them back into a conversation.

The Process:
If I was using the Sales Manager Video T.O. today, I would make a few improvement to idea. Every day, I would have the ISM's bring me 4 or 5 prospects of their choosing who they would like to receive the message. I would do a quick, informal video for these prospects, making it more personal by adding their name, vehicle of interest, mention the trade, etc. Then the ISM could either send an email or a better idea is to send it text to the prospect.

So that is the idea. If you think it would be useful, then read the quote below and take action! If you would like to discuss it with me further, please reach out.

In the moment of decision, the best thing to do is the right thing, the next best is the wrong thing, and the worst you can do is nothing.” –Theodore Roosevelt

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