Want to switch to vaping? Everything you need to know

Just as you plan to quit smoking and start thinking about switching to vaping, you get a lot of choices, many options, and every option brings in some queries and curiosities in your mind. If the world of vaping is new for, you are just learning the meanings of terms like vaping device, vape pods, vape juice, etc., then it’s time to learn all about the most used item in the world of vaping, and this is the vape pod. You buy a vaping pen or device only once. And after that, you use the vape pod within it to vape, and every time the pod dries out you need to refill the device again. Hence you would need constant supplies of the vaping pod. This means you will have to be in the process of buying theropods every time in intervals. And this requires having enough knowledge about vaping pods. That is why you should get ample information about it so that you can find the best vaping pod in the market, and accordingly choose the suitable vaping pod which will be compatible to pods you would prefer.

What is a vaping pod?

A vaping pod is a small vaping device which consists of two parts. One is a pod containing the vape juice, and another is the small battery to heat the pod. There are two types of vaping pen designs. One is the pre-filled pen, and another is the refillable system.

Vaping pens which are refillable can be filled after the current pod extinguishes. In this system, you get the freedom to choose any flavor or any brand of vape juice as you wish. But things have to be done manually. In a pre-filled vaping pen, you just change the vaping juice cartridge as the current one dries off. And it’s as simple as taking out exiting empty cartridge and fitting in a full cartridge in its place. Just visit online websites to buy vape online at lower prices.

Type of vaping juice

The vaping juice can be primarily of two types. One is a nicotine-based juice which helps smokers quit smoking tobacco. This juice contains a lesser amount of nicotine, that can be taken in controlled doses and limited puffs, just to get through the day without getting the urge of smoking a tobacco cigarette. Another type of vaping liquid available in the market is commonly referred to as the JUUL based liquid, which is inspired by the therapeutic uses of CBD oil. CBD or cannabis oil based vaping pods or capsules are also available, which are not nicotine-based, but actually, help in calming down and relaxing the person.

Who should vape?

Vaping is not for adolescents. It’s only permitted for the adults. Smokers trying to quit smoking the cigarette should try vaping and see how easy it becomes to quit smoking. Vaping is one of the best solutions to relaxing after a stressful day if you are taking cannabis oil based vapes. Whatever kind of vape you use the purpose is to feel relaxed reduce stress, and yet stay away from harmful effects of tobacco smoke.

What are the vape pod benefits?

Benefits of vape pods in a nutshell are:

  • Simple minimalist design
  • Easy usage
  • Helps in quitting smoking
  • Consumes a small economic amount of e-liquid
  • Maintenance free
  • Does not produce a huge amount of vapor to create passive vapers
  • Flavors can be changed as and when required
  • Tight draw

Altogether with above qualities, vaping pods are the perfect choice if you are quitting smoking, or if you are simply trying to relax after a busy day, or want freshness in your mouth with the feel of freshly flavored vapor.

Using vaping pods reduces the effort of manually refilling a vaping pen

If you are using vaping pods, you simply throw out the empty vaping pod, and push in or fill in a new and full pod in place of it. That’s it.  And with minimal labor equivalent to withdrawing and refitting a cartridge, things get really easy. The old design vaping devices need to be filled with e-liquid, and coiling needs to be made and inserted, and this takes in much time and effort. And if you are not accurate with the process, then you are going to get technical problems while vaping. To save your time and cut off the labor, vaping pods of the new age are the perfect solution. The amount of vapor generated in a vaping pod is also controlled, and you do not generate many fumes which are lost. This means a controlled amount of vapor gets used reasonably and economically, thereby making a pod go for long.

There are just a few cons of vape pods which also you should know to make a smarter choice. They are:

  • They contain mainly one mode for vaping which means the supply of vapor would be the same throughout, and you may not increase or decrease it.
  • Due to being of small size the battery size in the pod also is small, thereby limiting the amount of charge.
  • Vaping pens of the new age are comparatively higher priced than old design manual pens. However, looking at the benefits of new age pens this price gets justified too.

Tips for using a vaping pod

  • Always ensure you charge the device battery fully.
  • Always fit the pod tight in the device and see if it does not move loosely
  • Allow some time for the device to get ready for puffing after you press the on the button
  • Draw activated vaping devices need to be puffed once or twice to start vaping.


Vaping is one of the safest smartest options that you can take to get out of the addiction to smoking tobacco cigarettes, without actually quitting the habit of puffing. Rather puffing a vaping pen gives you the satisfaction of still holding on to the habit of puffing a vapor to feel relaxed, because your body still gets a small amount of nicotine needed to resist the urge of smoking tobacco.

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