What Are The Reasons Behind Fatal Car Accidents?

In the United Stated alone thousands of people die in car accidents every year. It is quite unfortunate to know that the vehicle which was created to make commute hassle free is now among the biggest contributor to casualties around the world. But it is unfair to blame the vehicle for it because human mistake is also the main reason behind the most common causes of car accidents not only in the United States but around the world as well. Many of the cities like Southern California have witnessed surge in traffic and according to some surveys people have become frustrated with the traffic they have to go through every day. 

Today nobody is sure if they will reach the destination safe and secure because no matter how carefully they drive but a slight negligence of the other driver can cost them their life. Today we will be discussing about the common causes of car accidents around the world:

Distraction: Driving is usually a work of concentration because it is not only about driving a car but is rather a job to keep people on road safe and secure. But today people have adorned themselves with so many distraction that it’s hard to get rid of them. Some examples of the distraction is mobile phone, adjusting music player, children in backseat etc. all of these distraction are so prevalent that it’s hard to get rid of. Beside this people have the habit of thinking too much about the work and home affairs while driving and this affects their driving to a major extent. 

Drinking: Mixing consumption of alcohol with driving is not at all safe and is one of the reasons behind reckless driving and pedestrian killing. There are hundreds of thousands of cases where a drunk driver either have involved in road rage or have hit some vehicle or pedestrian. The changed lifestyle where people consume alcohol in pubs and bars and then drive back to home has created a situation for the state department to take strict actions but nothing special has been done to aware people about the risk of drink and drive. It is an irony that despite knowing the harmful effects of drink and drive people still continue to take law in their hand. 

Night Driving: Driving in the night requires special expertise because the low visibility tend to confuse the driver and often lead to accidents. Not all the people are familiar with driving in the night. Smallest of mistake while judging the distance or light or signal or the road can lead to series of collision.  

Over speeding: The changed lifestyle has forced people to make quick decision as well as remain in hurry always. This is also the reason people think that they can save time by over speeding. But over speeding is not the solution because it is the most common reason why people jump traffic lights and collide with other vehicles on the road. Over speeding is one of the major reason why so many people die in car accidents every year. Over speeding is good if it is limited to racing arenas only because on public roads it is mostly fatal for the driver as well as the other drivers and pedestrians. 

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