Why is it Necessary to Change the Oil of your Car?

If used excessively, car is at the risk of being damaged. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain your vehicle in order to avoid any damage. The moving parts of the vehicle needs to be lubricated from time to time for the maintenance.

  1. Enhances the lubrication of engine

The hood car is made up of several moving parts such as valves, pistons and all other moving parts. If the parts are not maintained properly, the parts would soon get damaged. Your car will fail to function properly. Heat is produced by these moving parts of the vehicle. If these parts are not oil lubricated time to time, they will damage the engine. Also, you must ensure that you don’t use any oil for the engine. In the owner’s manual, there is a guide about the grade of oil which the car uses. Make sure to fill it up depending on the recommended value.

  1. Enhances the gas mileage for the vehicle

If the engine isn’t lubricated properly, your vehicle will tend to consume more fuel. It is for this reason that you should keep your engine lubricated and clean. According to the statements of US Department of Energy, changing your oil from time to time can help to improve the gas mileage of the vehicle by 1-2%. Initially it doesn’t sound to be much beneficial. However, if you evaluate in the yearly basis, changing your oil on a routine basis can help you save up the whole gallon of gas. So, it is profitable on a long run basis.

  1. Cools the components of engines

As mentioned above, if your vehicle isn’t lubricated, it will damage the vehicles. This is because, it makes up friction resulting in heat. If you have enough oil to keep the vehicle lubricated, it can help to reduce friction. The reduced friction would prevent over-heating. If the engine isn’t heated too much, it won’t be easily damaged. This won’t put much pressure on your engine, thereby preventing it from damage.

  1. Improves the longevity of the vehicle

If you maintain your vehicle time to time, it can help in improving the longevity of the vehicle. If you do not clean the vehicle, the oil will get mixed with the dust. This will further damage the problem. This will damage the economy and power of the vehicle, thus putting all the load on the engine. Too much load on the engine, will prove to have the small life span for the engine. Thus, you can improve the longevity of the vehicle, if you do the proper maintenance of your vehicle.

  1. Prevents the sludges

Undoubtedly, dirt particles are harmful for the engine. Too much of dirt on the engine can cause corrosion and reduce the life span of engine. The breakdown of engine can lead to sludge. Thus, it is necessary to maintain the engine and keep it clean. If you oil and filter the engine time to time, it can help the engine to function properly.

Though it appears as a problem to search for oil change companies, some can be of great help. There are several companies such as chevronfastlube.com that can help you take proper care of your vehicle’s engine. A professional would definitely help you maintain your vehicle.


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