Why is My PAY CHECK Suffering????????????????????????

That is the Question being asked by all in the service side in the Auto Industry. I have worked for Dealers my whole Career and have seen drastic down fall in pay. When i first Started I started as a Tech and Worked on Rattles, Squeeks and Oil Leaks, 17 years after and a 10 year Master Certification Later we as Tech's are doing Rattle's, Squeeks, and oil leaks becasue the new hires are not Certified. now i have moved to the Service Writer position looking to move to the Directors chair in the near future only to find that when i first started in this postition i made 2 times as much as i do today. we as dealers are not getting what we have coming and it is a trickle down effect that is hurting all. i am lucky that i have been able to go to a time study and watch how they come up with warranty labor ops. they have a punch time for everything and if we as dealers are not claiming them, and another dealer is it makes there numbers look high in comparison. so then the viscous cycle begins. the dealer that i currently work for has an Amazing Warranty Clerk as well as techs who know and understand the labor op's so that when we get our numbers we are always reading high to the point that now to get our numbers down we have quit claiming all labor op's that are available for a certain repair to make our numbers match  the other dealers in our region or group to keep out of a Warranty Audit. why as Dealers are we affraid to go get what is ours. The Director and i were speaking earlier today and he stated that because of this action were are going to be down from last year in just Warranty number by over $100,000 for the year. Why dont we as Dealer's or Employee's Go for what is ours instead of settling. The Bad thing about all this is that the Manufacturers know what they are doing and shame on ALL OF US for not doing anything about it. That is why they do the time Studies, so they are not paying to much for a repair, not so we are not collecting what is OURS.



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