Why Women should Ride a Motorcycle?

Gone are the days when motorcycle riding used to be the sole preserve of men. An increasing number of women across the world are now taking up motorcycle riding. As per the stats available, around 12-13% of motorcycle owners are women. Although they are still in the minority, the number of women motorcycle drivers is increasing at a rapid pace. Here are some of the main reasons why women should ride a motorcycle-

Makes you stand out

Not every woman drives a motorcycle. A woman driving a powerful motorcycle can instantly catch the attention of others and make heads turn. It helps you stand out in the crowd and earn respect and admiration of men as well as women.

Makes you a better driver

Motorcycle riding quickens your reaction time and increases your road awareness. The skills gained through motorcycle driving can prove to be very useful when it comes to driving four-wheelers. Women with motorcycle driving experience find it easier to switch to a four-wheeler.

Shows self-confidence

Driving a motorcycle can make a woman look daring and self-confident. A woman motorcyclist can inspire other women to follow their calling in life. It’s a great way to show the world that you’ve the confidence to pursue your dreams.

Keeps your body toned and fit

This may sound a little far-fetched, but motorcycle driving can actually help you stay fit. Even if you’re driving a light motorcycle, you need to use different muscles of your body to steer it. It can actually make it easier for a woman to keep her body in shape.

Expand your wardrobe!

Women love shopping and motorcycle driving gives them another reason to shop! Be it jackets, leather, jeans or gloves, there is a wide range of comfortable and fashionable apparels avail....

The protective motorcycle gear not just keep women safe while driving but also make them look stylish and attractive. Wearing a black rebel motorcycle jacket or a black lace moto jacket will greatly enhance the overall look of a woman. Apparel manufacturers create an extensive variety of motorcycle jackets and other motorcycle apparel to cater to the tastes and requirements of every woman motorcyclist.

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