Why You Should Get Your Car Service in Perth Completed on Time

Many drivers that need a car service in Perth put it off or even skip the process altogether. This happens for a number of reasons that we will explore below, but it’s not advisable to skip or delay scheduled service. Let’s take a closer look at this in more detail and examine why servicing is so important for your car.


Why Do People Skip or Delay a Service?


Some drivers find the car servicing process a little confusing, and this can cause them to ignore servicing altogether. Many people are not sure where they need to take their car, and they don’t understand the importance of genuine OEM parts. Certain vehicles have differing servicing intervals, and they don’t follow the manufacturers guidelines for servicing. Many drivers don’t comprehend the importance of strictly sticking to the servicing schedule, and their servicing isn’t carried out on time.


Car Servicing is Time Sensitive


Many car manufacturers state that their cars should be serviced every 10,000 km or 12 months (whichever comes first). Other car makers have shorter interval times, and some even have longer intervals. So, it’s essential to understand the requirements for your car to ensure that your vehicle stays up to date with the servicing schedule. All of this information will be contained in the handbook, so make sure you read the information there and try to stick the servicing schedule as closely as possible. If you delay or miss a service, you may not notice a problem immediately, but you could well end up with more problems in the medium to long term.


Where Should Car Servicing Take Place?


Many car owners believe that their car needs to be serviced at a dealership service centre that deals in their brand of car. As an example: they think that their Subaru car has to be serviced at a Subaru service centre. This is simply not true; in fact, any qualified mechanic can carry out a service on any make and model of car. In many cases, this would be more convenient because there are more qualified mechanics working in independent garages such as AHG. Certain roadside assistance programs may require the car owner to get their car serviced at a dealer franchise. Some car manufacturers will offer price capped servicing programs for services carried out at their service centres. This is often useful if you have a brand new car, but the costs need to be examined if you have an older car to get the best servicing deals. Wherever the car servicing is carried out it’s extremely important to get the car maintenance booked stamped and then signed to build a complete servicing history.


Maintaining the Vehicle Value and Warranty


Regular servicing with genuine parts is a great way to maintain the value of your car and keep up with the warranty. If you’re searching for “high-quality car service near me” get in touch with AHG Auto & Tyre Service today as they can handle all of your servicing needs.

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