Your online customers are standing in front of you... with their friends and family!

Or at very least that's how all of your dealership personnel should treat them. It reminds me of years ago when CRM tools were the new the rage. Remember that? When seemingly every dealership was racing to buy the best CRM tool with all of the most advanced and ease of use features? Back then I too was selling CRM solutions to dealerships and oft times I used an analogy that seemed to resonate with dealer principals and general managers and it went something like this:

Imagine a cell phone; imagine that you have the best cell phone in the world, the most features, easiest to use, everything you every wanted in a cell phone, and it also had the best coverage in the world. Then, imagine that how you used it was to call "be-backs" and literally say - "have you made up your mind on the car yet?" Bam! No sale, no customer. It wasn't the phones' fault was it? It was the method in which you used the phone to treat your customer. The very same analogy can be used for how you use online tools and strategies like Social Media, SEO, websites, etc.

It's not what tools you have. It's not necessarily whether you measure Social Media ROI or whether or not you come up on top in search engines. It's what you do when you engage. Do you treat your customer both offline and online as if they are standing in front of you. Do you treat them as if they're standing in-front of you with 130 of their best friends and family standing behind them listening to every word and watching every move.

If you believe that you do that, if you believe that you're entire staff does that... then Social Media is going to pay very huge short-term and long-term dividends for your dealership.

Here's a link to a website that has 10 Ways to build trust with your online customers. It's fantastic and it's worth your time, I'd even say it's worth some wall space in your training room.

Good selling!

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