....Coming to Atlanta , May 24th-25th. Taught personally by Jim Ziegler. Each student receives 150 page tectbook, lunch provided. This is the best Finance and Insurance Sales Seminar in the World.

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Jim Ziegler’s Samurai F&I Seminar features Ziegler's definitive textbook on F&I Procedures - each student receives a 150 page, information intensive textbook - not a workbook.

Regardless of your level of expertise; this course is Not like anything you’ve ever seen before offered anywhere, by anyone, at any time. We consider it the best F&I Training in the world. No matter what your level of experience, this course will greatly improve your numbers.

The numbers speak for themselves. Your managers will show immediate measurable profit increases; more in two days than most other courses accomplish in a week.

The heart of this course is unique "Word Tracts", things to say to the customer and overcome objections without confrontation. Your manager will get great value and improved skills no matter what their level of expertise or experience.

This course is High-Profitability, Efficiency, Legal and Ethical Compliance, proven professional techniques to improve product sales and profitability.

Learn full disclosure procedures designed to create a pleasant, positive, and stress-free buying experience for the customer while still maximizing profit opportunities from rate markup and finance product sales, a thorough review of practical, real-world compliance steps to protect the dealership.

This is The Best Seminar You Can Attend to improve the numbers and Keep the Money on the Books with Zero Heat Cases.