Are Buzz Bands Better than Business Cards?

Have you heard the Buzz? All convention attendees are getting a complimentary Buzz Band from Wizard Studios. This band allows you to share all your contact information and social media connections through your own QR Code on a wrist band. You can even create your profile prior to convention so it's ready to go as soon as you get your band! With your new Buzz Band you can wear and share your digital life with everyone you meet. To Get Started Before You Go: Go to and click on the button "Get Started", then create a new account. Use an easy to remember email and password. Load your profile with, pics, social media, videos, links and contact info. Just scan the free Buzz Band you get at convention, enter your email and password - and it's all linked up! Share your scans with anyone you meet - take notes and save your contacts. Or Get Started When You Arrive: Pick up your free Buzz Band. Scan the QR Code. Enter your email to create a new profile. You can add your social media, videos and links on your phone. Start sharing scans, making notes and you'll have a database of everyone you meet.


( I am going to the this weekend with my wife Karen and the N.S.A. sent us this email about the Skanz product / service. I thought it was AWESOME and wanted to share with you all. Let me know what you think).


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Love the idea, but most of the Buzz Bands I have been given are far too tight on my wrist!


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