Autotrader has revealed their filing for Initial Public Offering (IPO) and has released a 250p. document showing revenue, expenses, and profitability. Of particular interest is the information regarding their most recent purchases: VinSolutions, vAuto, HomeNet, and KBB. The following is an excerpt from dealerrefresh:

VinSolutions was acquired for $134.6M cash and up to $15M in earn-outs with $13M paid as of April 2012

  • VinSolutions revenue was $12.8M as of March 31, 2012
  • $4.6M operations costs, $2.1M marketing, $3.3M general administrative

vAuto was acquired for $192.8M cash and up to $34.5M in earn-outs with all paid in full

  • Revenue was $35M between Jan 1 – Oct 15, 2010

HomeNet was acquired for $61.6M cash

  • purpose was to enhance internal technology development capabilities and not to provide revenue
  • took goodwill impairment charges attributable to HomeNet of $36.4M in 2011 and a further $11.1M in Q1 2012
  • intangible asset impairment charge attributable to HomeNet of $4.5M in Q1 2012 based on “events occurring in late April 2012″: “significant customer migration issues during a late-April 2012″ and higher costs from an “imminent data license agreement”

KBB was acquired for $532.4M in cash without earn-outs

[full article:]

What do you all think of the numbers, and what impact (if any) do you think AutoTrader's IPO news will have for the auto industry?

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