Craigslist will charge auto dealers $5 per listing starting December 3, 2013

Here's the screenshot straight from their website.  The true question is "Will we stay or will we go?"  The fee is a nominal amount and a format that's already been proven in other categories, but what remains to be seen is if dealers are willing to pay for each ad, or if this change will push traffic back to other sites like eBay Classifieds and Backpage?  

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They've changed it several times recently.  I stumbled across some posts from yesterday that show over 12, but it is very possible that they doubled the total and went from 12 to 24 overnight.

the motorcycle category has no fee, or at least that was my understanding  - just cars and trucks. 

Correct Sharon, as of now, the Cycle category does not have fees.  They do however allow up to 24 photos now.

Craigslist appears to have started to remove all ads posted within the last 30 days in all local markets.

wow! You mean taking down all free dealer ads that haven't expired? Or private parties too?

It appears that they are pulling down the ads in the cars and trucks by dealer category that were not posted today.  The private party ads are still intact.  Can you visit your local craigslist market and confirm that you are seeing the same trend?  

Just looked at the Akron / Canton market in Ohio (my home area).  There are a total of 1934 Dealer listings in that market and while the list page show them, anything over 10 hours old (only about the first 36 vehicles) is expired when you try to view the ad.  Is anyone else seeing this?

I see what you mean. Earlier this am Atlanta had roughly 1350 ads that started 12/2. Now it shows 2. Then you have to go back to 11/17 to find any other start dates, and those are sparing. 

Craigslist had mentioned this on 

Q. What about free ads in the cars/trucks by dealer category posted before 12/3?

A. Ads posted prior to 12/3 are not renewable (and are subject to deletion). Reposts of expired/deleted ads are available for $5.

However I honestly did not expect it to be something that wiped out all ads across all markets.  Another bold move on their part.


yes, but I don't think that's how it read before. I'm looking. Matthew Brown has a screenshot of what it said, I know - he showed it on his webinar. I think it said they'd stay up until expired but could be wrong.Looking for it. 


This was a question several dealers had asked and craigslist was never clear, I think they left it open and probably was a response of very high volume of hopeful dealers to capitalize on the "last of the freebies".  More of a reason for dealers to start posting in my opinion!


Okay, thanks. 


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