Dealers/Owners/Exec....What is Your Preference For Responding to Vendor Promotions...Internet or PrePaid Return Card??

ADVERTISING QUESTION OF THE DAY: to Auto Dealers/Owners/Executives.....If you get a Mailer/Promo piece for services/products for your store and you're mildly to very interested in the service, how would you be more likely to respond for more information or to initiate a contact from the company:

  • By going online to the company's website and inputting your contact info...
  • Or by using a postage paid card/BRE(Business Reply Envelope) that you mail?

We are pulling the trigger on a specific targeted group of dealers with a marketing piece and want the best ROI and return per 1000 pieces from the  group.


(Oh yea...and please continue to vote for my commercial on 3 days left!!...we're .16th of a point away from 2nd place and overtaking the Moustaches Guys!!!) THANK YOU FOR THE RESPONSE AND YOUR EFFORTS TO HELP ME...and remember..."Who Be Lookin After Yer Booty?"

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