I'm looking to set up an express service and would like to look at some different policies and procedures. If any one has any would you mind to share them with me.

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Hey Larry,
Express service is just another way of servicing the Customer. In express, there are 3 Rules to follow.
1st, if it says Express, then make Express a priority. Too many dealerships use the word and have no intention of meeting that expectation. This means that everyone involved wth the Express Service is committied to making the Customers experience a truly Express experience.
2nd, Advisors and Technicians must be on the same sheet of music. That means once the Advisor has given the Tech the RO, the Tech INSPECTS the vehicle BEFORE anything else happens! Put the drain bucket underneath, pull the plug and then while the oil is draining the vehicle gets INSPECTED! Then the Tech can get a report back to the Advisor before the vehicle comes off the rack. The goal here is not only efficiency it is also MAXIMAZATION! The Customer is expecting that the vehicle will be inspected and report issued. Give it to them!
3rd, Performance Based Pay Plans. A Pay plan that rewards Excellent Customer Service, Excellent Shop Management and Excellent Action Management will go a long ways to keeping Good People in your Express Service Drive. The better you Service the Customer in Express the more Customers you will have in the Main Shop. This means Pay Plans that are designed to keep good people where they can best shine!
Try those 3 Larry and feel free to contact me for more info. Good Luck!
I totally agree. What type of pay plans are there for an express lane that is just starting. I have one advisor I want to use and two lube techs, that are hourly now but i want to put them on some type of team concept, and ideas or thoughts on this?
Pay plans are built around progressive sales goals.
For the Advisor, most have a small base with accelerators at different sales goals. For example, you might have a $500.00 a month salary with an accelerated commission structure starting at say .02% and going up to .04% with bonuses on anything sold in Express that goes to the main shop ie; power steering rack or cv boots or front end alignment...etc. Basically, most Express services keep the fluids (power steering flush, brake flush, coolant flush, transmission flush, diff services) and send everything else to the main shop for repair. Bonus the Advisor on the ASRs he/she sends to the main shop.
The Techs pay plan is a flat rate plus accelerators for finding items needing repair on the Inspections. There are differnt ways to pay accelerators including pull boards, dice rolls, dart boards...I've seen everything. It just depends on what you want as an incentive.
What is your anticipated shop load per day through the Express? Is it greater than 20-25 ROs a day?
What is the average RO dollars sold on your average LOF now? What is your cost on a filter and oil? All of these and 100 other questions will make some of the math a little easier once you have an idea of the average ticket now, what you want the average ticket to be and what do you want pay the Advisor and Techs to make it viable for the Dealership.


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