Now I know we're all very busy with our Day-to-Day business....A couple questions regarding Social Networking:

  • If you send a friend request to a fellow DE or FB contact and they don't respond to your request after 2 weeks....isn't "No Answer" an Answer
  • Also, what are you doing to try to "Reach Out,"
  • Are you intending to connect with others for business collaboration....or just passively sticking your page up and hoping someing drops by??

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Psssst, here's a good place to start that intra Communication stuff...
HA! Great point, Jack. I just joined today so my socialization has just begun. Thanks for reaching out!

What do you do for dealers?

Jack E Curenton said:
Psssst, here's a good place to start that intra Communication stuff...
I do TV/Radio commercials and personal appearances as the Dealer spokesperson...with a character twist. Similar to the types of regional spots that were succssful for the Jim Varney character Ernest P Worrell...of 'Ya Know What I Mean, Vern?" Fame. We collaborated with the inventor of those spots and we're finding excellent brand recognition and increased traffic/sales resulting directly from the commercials. Several are on my DE page under videos or you can visit the Doc Dollar webpage at

Checkout the latest testimonials from dealers..

>"The District is up 10%. We are up 40%, and we use Dr. Dollar as our spokesperson. With this creative advertising, you get noticed without breaking the bank to do it."-Tom Hunt, GM, Klein Honda, Everett, Washington. (largest Honda dealership in WA)

>John Elway’s Crown Toyota sales jumped from 3% of the total Los Angeles market share to 4%….a whopping 25% increase since the Doc Dollar campaign began…Paxton G, GM

>The Ontario Auto Center sales are up 193% over last year, the Doc Dollar spots are getting great results and recognition for the Group and the personal appearances really draw crowds…David Pippinger, Handcrafted Media President


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