I have been running a moderately successful internet sales team for 4 years with my dealer group. Till recently we have had a group YouTube.com channel that each of our sales professionals loaded their videos to collectively.

In doing so we have a very successful YouTube.com channel that tends to help our optimization rather well. In addition it highlights our efforts as a team all in one place. Now, it has been brought to my attention that a few of my team would like to optimize themselves and load their customer videos and walk arounds to their own channels. Not the group channel.

For many reasons, I do not agree with it. However, they look at me like I have three eyes while trying to explain my logic to them.

Do I have three eyes? Am I crazy for wanting to keep everything together in one spot instead of diluting our group value?


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Load the videos to their channel and the group channel.

Thanks for the response Mike! Seems reasonable enough. 

However it is less than efficient. They are doing between 10 & 15 videos a day while working all of their leads. In fact one of their driving arguments for their own channel was that it was more efficient than the group channel. 

I guess what I'm looking for is; Has anyone had long term problems with sales staff using their own channel instead of feeding that of  group channel?

My main concern is that we have spent 3 years building up this channel. Only to dilute its residual value with multiple sub channels

Yes, the personal channels will be just that... more personal. But I fear they will lack the brand staying power of our dealer group.


Excellent Perspective Manny. I am very lucky that I could get my team to buy in on what I started here awhile back. They're all about it! 

I think it's great that they want to brand themselves. I also understand getting the video hosted on as many pages as possible can only help. 

They want to host specifically on their own pages only. Not on the group site any longer, as they feel that is to much work. I am trying to explain to them the importance of the group host site which has hundreds of thousands of views. 

Curtis D Snyder , Just looked at your You-tube channel, wow over 1800 videos of great content. 

I also see 100s of videos made for contacting the customer after they submitting a lead. 

Are those the videos they feel are to much work to upload? 

I see many great solutions and would like to share some ideas for you and your team.

Anytime you would like to discuss this please let me know.

PS. You have a Nuke Bomb of Videos to demolish your competition if done the right way!


Manny Luna


Thank you Manny, I will reach out to you this coming week. (Enjoy your weekend). Our channel and video efforts have been a focal point for my efforts here for almost 4 years now. I'm just worried about tipping the balance of what is already bringing great success. (If it ain't broke don't fix it.) But I am ALWAYS in favor of getting bigger and better. 

Curtis, Manny is right on.  You have an unbelievable opportunity to harness the power of having many people on board, a very rare thing in our business so use it to your advantage. The old saying that "many hands makes light work" especially applies to video. I think it would be very wise to get an expert like Manny coordinating this effort for you.  You guys are doing the heavy lifting, which is the hard part.  Getting insight from someone like Manny will allow you to take this to the next level. 

That's just the problem Mike. The power has been harnessed (one well established channel). I'm timid about unleashing the power into a realm that may be harder to manage. Not just harder to manage, but potentially damaging to our established progress. 

There's no doubt that you would have to be the traffic cop that approves what gets posted but the more people that get involved, the more buy-in you'll have.  I've found getting salespeople involved in video is nearly impossible.  If you've got a crew that wants to be involved, try to figure out a way to make it work.  If you can figure out a way to make it "scale," you'll have a serious competitive advantage.

Let me clarify. We have a massive well established group channel which all of my team willingly participates in. They enjoy hosting, shooting and helping their customers with personal video. 

The Problem; They want to stop using the group channel and begin using their own personal set up channels. I would not be able to police their personal videos unless I requested their log in information. 

In doing this the value of our group channel becomes diluted. Unless, we load the videos to both channels. Which is VERY beneficial for getting the most miles out of our effort. However at this point we're already maxing out our efforts just producing the sheer quantity of video we do on a daily basis. 

I can see both sides of it Curtis so let me try to help you.  

Your sales people would like to promote themselves and you are thinking about the success of the dealership overall.  Your goal now is to sell to your sales people, why it is better to keep it all on one channel.  Here are a few reasons:

  • It is not advisable to create several YouTube channels with links back to the same website.  YouTube can decide to ban them all WHEN they see this.
  • All the channels added up together probably will not get as much search engine juice as one great channel.
  • Each sales person benefits from the success of others because each video feeds on the success of another successful video...if on the same channel.  It's like a shopping mall.  The stores in the mall benefit from the fact that there are several stores in the mall. 
  • I have an excellent history with YouTube while promoting several businesses as well as with my clients.  I am in full agreement with you that you should keep it on one channel. 

One hint in case you were thinking of this as a solution-->  Absolutely DO NOT upload the same video and put it on two different channels.  That is how you get banned from YouTube. 

Kenny Atcheson

Dealer Profit Pros

Kenny Atcheson Absolutely DO NOT upload the same video and put it on two different channels.

Let's be careful to give Curtis D Snyder the best way to make this a win/win solution.

I respect your great knowledge and would like to share some White Hat Techniques that work very will for Video.

There are a lot of good points you brought up that can done be the right way.

Yes you can Upload the same video to other channels:

SEO Tips for Video: Consider Mass-Upload Services

There are very convenient resources such as TubeMogul.com that automate the process of submitting your video to all major (and even some minor) video sharing sites in one fell swoop.

Though these services are simple to use, it is still important that you think before you act; this relates back to the question of whether you are seeking to promote video to enhance search referrals to your site or you simply want to read the widest audience possible.

If you just are going for views, using these convenient services is a no-brainer. However, if you are looking to rank for the keywords related to the video, and you give up this content to the major video sites, most likely their pages will rank higher than your pages on Google, since their sites most likely already have far more site authority than your site has. If your goal is to improve your site's ranking by driving links and traffic to the page on your site, you may want to use mass-upload services sparingly or not at all.



Manny Luna


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