I am relatively new to the business--1 1/2 years.  I've worked mainly on the internet, but spent time as a "floor salesperson". My love is the Internet customer.  I know my product line, and can answer most questions on vehicles, pricing, etc.  My close to lead percentage is above average (14-20%). I believe in customer service to get customers in and purchase.  I previously did "a to z" but recently changed dealerships due to a move. I am now doing lead response, appt setting, greeting the customer, and handing them to a salesperson.  We don't really purchase 3rd party leads...the dealership is doing a lot of budget crunching, and don't think that is an option. Our internet traffic is about 120 leads per month.  

My question is..any ideas to ramp up my internet leads without spending money, or very little.  We do some Facebook, but that is mainly controlled by a separate dept.

I think there are some improvements that can be made on the dealership website as far as user-friendliness (finding the car and packages that the customer is looking  for)--and I am working on that.

Any info?  I've read some of your threads and found some info but it doesn't really answer what I'm looking to do.


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Hi Melissa, you can change the Check Availability button to Get Today's Special and offer the customer a small discount from your Internet price when you respond to the lead.  I would also change the Dealeron E-Autosavings Coupon to a lower number than $500.  Studies have shown that the ideal coupon number is $350-$400.  Going to a bigger number like $500 encourages customers to look for bigger discounts.  I like to change the value of the coupon depending on the time of the month.  I always have it higher in the beginning of the month and lower toward the end when you'll naturally be getting more leads.  

Some inexpensive website accelerators are Purecars and Dealercentric.  Both are a few hundred dollars a month and will help generate lead volume.

Great ideas--thanks!  I can see how that would work.  I don't currently have an auto savings coupon and I just spoke with my gm and he agrees that could spark something.

Okay, here is a little more in-depth look.  I've been delving into everything today.  I am a Hyundai store. Most of my leads come from Hyundai.  I have looked at our leads and see that I only have 12 leads this month from my dealer website. If you want to look at the website, it's www.jonesjunctionhyundai.com. How can I drive traffic to this website to get some quality leads?

Melissa - I'd definitely take a look at the SEO on your site (which is pretty non-existent)...

1) the name on your Google+ Local page (aka Google Places) doesn't match the name of your dealership on your website. That's a HUGE detractor for local search rankings... get that updated immediately. Also work on optimizing your description - make it less spammy (don't list out all the models, definitely don't say "Hyundai" 20 times, don't list your hours) and make it more conversational.

2) look at www.getlisted.org and that will give you a good list of citations to go get (that's mentions of your dealership name, address, phone number on other sites). It's showing you with a score of only 13%, which is pretty bad. Go claim all of those listings, and follow the instructions on the getListed to-do list to optimize them.

3) work on basic best practices for Local SEO. Check your title tags and H1 headings, especially.

4) for local SEO, you really need to have 100% consistency in your phone numbers. you've got your 410-879-1133 number on your Google+ Local page, but that number isn't anywhere on your website. Again, that's a huge detractor for local ranking.

5) you've got some spammy backlinks - it might be a good idea to clean up your link profile, get rid of the spammy links, and get some better variance in your anchor text, so it looks more natural. Avoid obviously spammy sites (like w3links, webdirectory11, etc)

hope that all helped... just a little bit of Local SEO love can go a really long way to helping you gain more visibility in local searches!

That's exactly what I'm looking for.  I am on the phone now with our rep trying to remedy this!  I just didn't know where to start, and your feedback is right on target!

Hi Melissa,

Are you using or have you thought of using highly targetable video pre-rolls that are displayed on high traffic websites in your area. 

Let me know if you would like more information.




It is really stupid how much free oil changes go, 

In regard to the Facebook advertising, do you know if that dept is using the Polk data that's available w/in Facebook to target ads at people who are in-market? It's ridiculously cheap to advertise on FB...

Agree on the SEO front as well. You can't expect people to find your site if you're not optimizing. 


I'm going to say this in the only way that I know ...perfectly honest.

I noticed on your website that you have the MSRP  and  "contact us" for price on your new cars.  

You are a standard dealer on AutoTrader and have discounted prices on there. This is the reason that most of your traffic is coming from Hyundai and not your website. You need to drag these people into this century or find a store that wants to do business.

I'm pretty sure we had them all priced--most are.  I added some inventory today and I see it didn't price those.  It takes overnight to update.  I will definitely make sure it is updated in the morning and correct!

 Most websites put vehicles, without prices, to the back and not in the front.  You might ask them to change that.  Like me, your customers will not scroll through the pages.

Hyundai is killing it in Dallas.


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