Accountability management involves making sure that everyone in your dealership is held responsible for both the behavior and performance that you have outlined as non-negotiable. The first step is clearly defining and communicating your expectations, and, in general, I have discussed my recommended strategies and tactics for doing so, and in detail, I offer sample tools on my web site at Today I’ll be presenting one of the processes that I suggest you employ to manage expectations…the “One-on-One Meeting” discipline. 

Why should we have One-on-One meetings? Because every employee needs and deserves to have quality, individual, interactive communication with his or her supervisor on a frequent and regularly-scheduled basis.

Here are the “Big Picture” goals for the One-on-One meeting:

  • Develop and enhance your “connection” with subordinates and improve employee engagement
  • Re-enforce the “Principles of Accountability Management.”
  • Report and review actual behavior and job performance vs. expectations.
  • Provide a forum to achieve continuous improvement.
  • Impart “Feed-Back” to the employee and vice-versa (receive Feed-Back).

Here is the recommended “Meeting Frequency” at auto dealerships:

  • Senior managers and department managers - no less than once per month.
  • Sales department desk managers - weekly.
  • Financial services managers – weekly.
  • Vehicle sales consultants - weekly.
  • Service Advisors (ASMs) - bi-weekly.
  • Sales team leaders and technician group (team) leaders - weekly.
  • Service and collision center technicians - no less than once per month.
  • Parts counter personnel - bi-weekly.
  • All other dealership employees - no less than once per month.

At one time I believed I had a pretty good road map of how to launch the One-on-One Meeting process and how to plan and conduct those meetings. I have since discovered a far better solution to overcome those challenges. Get Lighthouse, Inc. has recently published an eBook titled “10 Steps to Having Amazing One on Ones with Your Team.” But it’s more than just an eBook…it’s the process in a box…all you need to do is add water. Consistent with my philosophy of providing Value First, I have arranged for you to access a FREE copy. Just click on the link below, or copy and paste it into your browser. You’ll be glad you did! Enjoy this great resource!


Warmest regards,

Garry House

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