Hi all

Just wanted to let everybody know there is new, a soon to be open Chevy store in the South-eastern Pa.

Great location ! Springfield Deleware County.


Looking at staffing right now. Sales, Fixed ops mostly. Opening date is targeted for mid October.

In short order this store will be a  dominate point, for both new and pre-owned sales.

This point is part of the Reedman-Toll auto group.

If you are interested in a career change, and a great opportunity, feel free to drop me a line.


Best regards

John Burch


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Best of luck to you our friend.

Thanks for posting,  


Welcome, and congratulations on your new Store(s).  


It is always exiting thinking of the Blue Sky of what is to come.  I am especially optimistic to see a Domestic Dealership being opened in the US.  


I certainly hope you find your staff as soon as possible, however if you find that you are in a shortage of people, I would like to offer my assistance in providing coverage from a distance and Marketing Leverage with Creative online Solutions.  


AutoDealerTarget offers Consulting, Email Marketing, Creative Software, Managed Chat, Premier Craigslist Posting Service and various other little helpers that will buy you time to find the right people.  


We can even run your entire web and social media presence from our offices in Kentucky and South Carolina.  Completely automated, completely customized to your preference.  





(606) 657.0277 Tom Kain or (864) 254.8012


tk1872 Tom Kain or JohnMiller197492 John Miller 

Facebook Message

Tom Kain    John Miller


Tom Kain  John Miller



Thank You



John Miller 



Congratulations!  May your new endeavor to be both prosperous and well received in the community! 


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