Should the Range Rover driver face charges in the weekend NYC motorcycle road rage incident?

Yes, in my view.

It's not OK to plow down a motorcyclist with intent with a 4,500-pound vehicle, leave him for dead and flee the scene. The SUV driver suffered stitches, the biker is on a breathing tube and may never walk again.

Is the Range Rover driver in the "right" to break through a pack of bikers with his truck because perhaps he felt intimidated?

Were his actions defensible, and therefore not chargeable?

What do you think?

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fortunately nobody died. and doesn't involve a marketable minority. it's as convoluted as the treyvon martin case here in fl. traffic was stopped ALL AROUND him. not a car for blocks ahead. pretty scary. if the bikes didn't stop and block the road - nobody to hit...

Tom -- and now today cops riding undercover in the bike pack are arrested for their role on attack of SUV vehicle. Agreed, this is one convoluted case -- it's beyond road rage. There's a whole new under-current of highway ganging going here.




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