What is a competitive compensation package for a Senior Manager to oversee the National Launch of a new data base marketing platform?

Compensation packages tied to areas of responsibility with specific job descriptions are easy when you are dealing with an established company and product sourcing funds from exisiting revenue and cash flow supported by a capital reserve.  Line item percentages with cost of sales linked to actual revenue and profit margins can be applied to achieved and projected gross profit with benchmarks that recognize superior performance and reward achievments accordingly.

Of course, as with any partnership, the perspective of the potential candidate must be considered when drafting a competitive compensation plan.  The right candidate will be sensitive to preserving margins and they will be willing to share in the investment to grow the business.  However, life often gets in the way when the reality of paying the bills enters the decision from both sides of the relationship.

Frankly, I've been to this party often enough to source my own experienced successes and failures to draft a compensation package as well as the related job descriptions and areas of responsibility.  That said, I also recgnize that I don't know what I don't know and I have "borrowed" some of the best ideas that I have ever had so I see this as another opportunity to listen and learn from my Dealerelite friends.

Any replies that will provide some suggested compensation plans that will support the right candidate for this lucrative opportunity will be much appreciated.

After all, what are friends and Dealerelite for! 



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