Welcome to the book of the week review, this week I read Grant Cardone’s latest book “The 10X Rule”

This book is awesome! I mean Grant really lets you have it; he lays it out there in a way that makes you feel like you just got reamed by your boss for being a slacker! I needed that.

I read this book cover to cover and then again. Then I ordered the audio disc set. The one key theme throughout the book is to take action, massive action! I have been replaying this theme in my head since I first read it, the only one that can insure my success is me, if I take no action I get exactly that in return, NO ACTION! If you want good things to happen you have to be out there making them happen, by taking massive action every minute of every day. No Excuses, you owe it to yourself, your family and your customers

Grant addresses fear in a straight no BS way that basically says “Quit being a little bitch” This is pure motivation and those five words are worth the price of the book!!! If you haven’t read it, take action and order it.

 Just a couple of thoughts I have on the book, I invite others to comment on what you took away from it,


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Massive action, if not the most effective action can produce massively mediocre results. Grant's book is a very good one and I would also recommend others read it.


I read and study constantly. One book I've read over and over, reviewing at least once a year was written by a guy you've probably never heard of. Hi name is Elmer Wheeler. His biggest selling book "Tested Sentences that Sell" is the largest selling on book on sales ever written.


Elmer Wheeler influenced and impacted the greats that followed him. People such as J. Douglas Edwards and in our specific niche, Jackie Cooper. I have recordings of all three of these guys. Elmer creates the concept, J. Douglas Edwards quotes Elmer delivering the process, Jackie Cooper describes J. Douglas Edwards as the greatest salesman he ever studied and then quotes J. Douglas quoting Elmer.


I'd like to recommend everyone read "Tested Sentences That Sell". A copy of the book can be had for free at www.elmerwheeler.net

Great book.

I'm Grant's 10X rule diet and it works !



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