You are being ghosted not Flagged.  If you see your listings in your account and they show live but they are not found on Craigslist when you search for them it is ghosting NOT flagging.  I have never seen or known CL to flag a listing, that is controlled by the community.  If you run into consistant flagging than watch how fast your flagged as it could be a flagging bot, if this happens change things that are consistant, Phone#, Name etc.  If you're being ghosted the best advice I could give you is to do the following 3 steps:  1. STOP posting on CL immediatly as all you are doing is making your IP address even more tanted.  2. Send an email to and tell them you are sorry if you violated any posting rules and will promise to follow the rules moving forward, but you better know the rules NO second chances.  ( This is from Craigslist themselves and yes boys I have spoke to them ore than once. )  3. CL made a bunch of changes recently and most likley those changes caught your website providers tool as an auto poster.  Most dealerships don't truly know how the tool they are using works. If your not typing in your own captica then your probably not manually posting.


Remember it is a violation of CL Terms of Service to use an auto poster or bot of any kind and the penalty is $100 per listing.  Most dealers that use this type of service the dealer principal's are not aware of the risk they take.  Don't get auto posting confused with dealer consultants (people who manually post on behalf of the dealer for a paid period of time).


One good piece of advice was to spread out your listings! If you post to fast CL can see you as an auto poster.


Also DO NOT post any of the vehicles that were ghosted before, CL has in the past tagged VIN#s and follow them so when you start posting in a new account, new IP or new tool they catch you again.


I hope this helps and sheds a little light on the subject.



Posted by John Miller


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