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How to sell your second hand car in New Zealand

If you’ve purchased a car for a road trip around NZ, you’re going to end up selling it when the dream ends and you have to head home again. The best-case scenario after you’ve taken it over mountain passes and through all sorts of NZ weather, is that you get some…


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Bad Credit Car Finance Guide

Many people think that if they have bad credit, they cannot finance a new car or get their current car loan refinanced. This is not the case. Often car dealers will give misinformation such as the necessity to buy an extended warranty or credit life insurance, and since…


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Choosing the Best Cargo Van for Your Business

While five years ago the range of cargo vans was limited, today automobile biggies like Ford, Nissan and Benz have raised the stakes. Here, we’re comparing the best cargo van models for commercial use.

For many companies, cargo vans with commercial vehicle insurance are an integral part of their daily schedule. Whether it’s a catering company, an e-commerce website that delivers goods purchased online or a florist, these closed vans offer ease of transport combined…


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Money-saving tips for your first car

Buying, running and maintaining a car – it's not cheap. However, there are some tried and tested ways of minimising your spending.

Use fuel efficiently

There isn't much you can do about the cost of fuel. But the way you drive affects the amount of fuel your vehicle uses.

The less fuel you use the more money you save.…


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Are Vehicle Wrap Graphics a good investment for Startups?

Innovative startups are always looking for new ways to stay ahead of the competition and one way to do it without breaking the bank is by remodelling your business vehicles with spectacular, professionally designed graphics wraps on your van, truck or car. Research by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America revealed that vehicle graphics remains …


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Why Mercedes Cars Remain the Ultimate Used Cars

While new cars are always attractive, there are times when used cars make perfect sense. From sustainability to a value hunting perspective, there are many reasons to buy used cars. Regardless of your reasons, spending the money for a used car on a Mercedes is almost…


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4 Top Qualities of the Modern Car Sales-Person

Forget all those jokes you hear about the car salesperson. The automobile industry has come a long way and the car salesperson has evolved.

Gone are the days when car sales were solely conducted in garages and auto showrooms. Today, people…


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What You Should Know About the Ideal Car Insurance

Everybody is required by law to have an auto insurance policy. It isn’t just for your protection, but a good insurance deal can buffer you in times of emergency.



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Your website’s domain name may be killing your online presence

When the…


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To Sell Your Customized Vans Quickly, Focus on Emotion


There’s a popular saying, “Show me your vehicle and I’ll tell you who you are”. As corny as it may sound, it isn’t far from the truth. Some scientists have seen a correlation between the kind of vehicle a person drives and their personality. Going by this logic, it is highly effective to focus on a person’s emotional side…


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7 Car Maintenance Tips for The Coming Winter Months

For most of us, we only think about car Maintenance when something breaks or starts making a funny sound. Most of the time, these issues can be avoided by caring for your vehicle. The changing of the seasons put a unique stress on certain components that can cause your transportation to malfunction. The Summer and Winter seasons are especially hard on various systems. Luckily we have a small check list for the upcoming…


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