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Don't Miss! Four Changes for Agencies & Dealers - Live Webinar

This Fourth of July marks a turning point for the car industry. This Fourth of July marks a turning point for the car industry. Basic paid search and social campaigns won’t be enough to convince buyers to go to your dealership instead of the closest competitor. Dealers have embraced digital advertising tactics, raising the bar…

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Enjoy the Evolution: COVID-19's Change

The way we purchase and service vehicles may never be the same due to COVID-19. However, in the stores I visit, it seems there’s more of an evolution than a revolution going on. Enjoy the evolution. 

The staff is down. Inventory is tight. Shoppers are buyers. Contactless sales deliveries ARE up. But only…


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10 Steps You Can Take in 10 Minutes to Develop Stronger Google Campaigns

  1. Red Zone Foreign Countries--aka Negative them Out
  2. Eliminate Smart Bidding
  3. Move Settings for Display off of Recommended
  4. Turn off App Ads
  5. Use the same Google My Business login that you use for your My Client…

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Staring Contest

You could argue that digital retailing places your customers in the driver's seat. Maybe. Maybe not. No matter the driver, though, neither party wants to get caught in a staring contest. It truly is a bad look. Keeping your eyes on the road up ahead is far more productive for all involved.

At the…

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A Decade of Change

To our friends, colleagues, and professional community:

It’s not a great time to celebrate our anniversary. Not with so much going on. So many people impacted by forces well beyond their control. The emotional choice and rational choices are confusing, and we all seem to know that things will be…


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Display Advertising for Car Dealers

Display advertising helps you to keep your dealership's name in front of customers. Since people are spending 80 percent of their auto shopping time online, why not engage them as they research, browse, and compare different vehicles?…


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3 Things About COVID Consumers in 60 Days

Two months ago, the world as we know it changed. COVID-19 became up close and personal in the first week of March. Virtual Retailing, Digital Retailing, Distance Retailing -- call it what you will -- arrived. 
Social norms evolve. Consumers adjust. My three big takeaways as we glance back before moving…

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Baking the Cake of Virtual Retailing: How to Interact as We Transact

It’s no April Fools’ joke that Apple became a company on April 1, 1976. In 1984 telephone companies as we knew them began to break-up. A subsequent window opened to advance how we communicate. As such, Apple evolved from an early start in computers and connected the dots to personal…

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2020 - What You Make Of It

The news turned into coronavirus coverage a few months ago. Business closures, cancellations of concerts, stock market up and down, sports suspended. School's out for the summer and possibly even into the fall.
With so much happening so fast, we have a never-ending and…

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Your Grand Re-Opening Plan

As we move forward with the grand re-opening of your city or state, customers will look for new evidence in the way of operational advertising for your store.

It's more than a brand promise. Viewed through the consumer lens--It's more or less--"What will you do for…

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Size Doesn’t Matter--Covid-19’s Market Reset for Carvana

Carvana promised a new way of doing business in the auto industry. Well before the current revamp to virtual retailing, they promised seven-day test to own options, delivery to your door, and the ability to pick up your vehicle from a state-of-the-art vending machine.

With over 12 billion in market capitalization and operating expenses that…


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How to Better Your First Impression

The first impression. The possible start of a long-lasting relationship. You have but one chance to get it right. It’s one of those critical pieces where someone makes up their mind about you in less than seven seconds.

You’ve likely had thousands of these experiences…with friends, new acquaintances, business contacts, and in your…


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Talking to Customers In today's Conversational Commerce

Talking with your customers in today's new World order.



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The Last Dance--And the Jordan Promise

Michael Jordan’s iconic shoe emblem delivers another incredible aerial display as "The Last Dance" comes to market and brings us back to some 30 years ago. Sunday Sports are gone and now for the next 5 weeks, we join Jordan and his teammates to recapture his ability to capture the world's imagination…


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Give me the phone, I'll drive!

Soon, your iPhone will be your car keys.
#localsearchgroup #apple #iphone #phonekeys #marketing #digitalmarketing #dealerships

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Keys To The Car

Have you heard? More change is coming to the automotive category and the good news is you’ll be less likely to lose your keys.

Apple’s working on a new feature that will allow your iPhone to function as a key to your car. That’s right, a “CardKey” API is part of the updated operating system. It’ll allow iPhones and Apple Watches to unlock,…


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TikTok & The End Of Insta-Famous

Has TikTok leapfrogged over Instagram? #localsearchgroup #tiktok #socialdistancing #instagram #socialmedia #evolution

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Tik-Tok Leapfrogs Insta-fame

I can see it. It happened right about the same time that Instagram stopped counting likes. It meant that insta-beginning of the end of being Instafamous. But other platforms are here to fill the void.

TikTok anyone? Where you can still quantify likes and see entertaining videos that encourage short-form content consumption. In the process,…


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Premise Vs. Promise

Ask not what the brand can do for you but what you can do to be a part of the brand. #premise #promise #Jordan #localsearchgroup #premisenotpromise #marketing #marketing #branding #brandpromise

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Marketing - Good For Society

Marketing, in the new world order, isn't about someone trying to sell you something. It's connecting with individuals to know them almost as well as they know themselves.

Think about the current COVID situation. We’re in an unprecedented worldwide slowdown. Consumption economies are often driven by feelings. Fear of the…


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