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Good Failure and Bad Failure, Part II

failure and success

I recently wrote a blog for NCM, Up to Speed, titled: There is Good Failure and Bad Failure. That idea had been floating around in my mind for a while, and since I wrote that, I have noticed other articles in several other places essentially talking about the same concept.

I know from my many years in the retail side of the automobile business, that there is an unintentional…


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There Is Good Failure and There Is Bad Failure

This was originally posted on the NCM Institute Up to Speed blog.

failure and success

I think we have all heard that we can’t even fail unless we try. In every class we conduct at the NCM Institute, we begin by focusing on accountability, management, and…


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Unrealized Opportunities in the Used Vehicle Department


Forgive me for saying this, but from where I now stand, it is quite apparent to me that there is way more opportunity for improving profitability than most dealership managers are aware of. I certainly know looking back on my career (and I thought I was very pro-active) that there was so much more opportunity to be realized than I was able to completely grasp at the time.

Most people agree that there is more upside potential left on the table, they are just not…


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5 Tips for Creating a More Predictable Work Environment


Most Monday mornings I find myself standing in NCM Institute’s beautiful training facility in Kansas City, welcoming a new class of dealership managers who come to us for formalized training specific to their job responsibilities. Even before introductions, sometimes I will ask the class some questions:

“How many of you, when you interviewed for your first job in the car business were shown a written job description and job objectives or expectations that you would…


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Do You Know the ROI on Each Used Vehicle You Sell?

Most of us grew up in the industry where PUVR (or Per Used Vehicle Retail) was the key metric we were looking for to determine how successful we were on each vehicle we sold. As we all know, things have definitely changed since the Internet has become the primary way our customers begin their search for a used car.

For the last two years, I have had the privilege of teaching and coaching our NCM dealer-clients’ managers at the NCM…


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