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First impressions still matter!

We’ve been dealing with strange times in the automotive industry recently with chip shortages and an insane gross market. This is not only creating tension for both the customer and the sales associate, but it’s straining an already tumultuous relationship that exists between customers and salespeople. 


Therefore, first impressions are…


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Practical Application of Ongoing Coaching and Training

You never hear a prize fighter say he fired his trainer directly after he won the championship belt, right? Well, that’s the whole reason why it’s important to continue coaching and training of the salespeople and BDC employees. Even after they seem to have mastered the phone and their appointment set rate is off the charts, continued coaching and training are paramount. This is what keeps them sharp! …


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Automotive Trends in a Post-Covid World

It’s no secret how much COVID-19 changed the automotive business. Many dealerships were shut down for months on end and others had such restrictive business practices that made it difficult to function. We’re now in a post-Covid world, and many things have changed within the automotive industry. While it’s still unclear as to whether these trends are here to stay, they have changed the face of the industry. …


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Knowledge is Power

Make no mistake about it, car dealers have an uphill battle to fight when defending their reputation. The sleazy used car guy character is still top of mind for consumers when making a purchase. And it is no fault of their own. 95% of all sales are made at the dealership, but most of that research now begins at home. Consumers will tell you the #1…


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Selling Service via the Telephone

Selling work over the phone is something that has been done since service centers opened, and this goes for independent centers as well as dealerships. Most advisors love it when they can sell work over the phone as it gives them the upper hand. There is nothing better than when an advisor actually has a minute to breathe and works through a quote, put the numbers together, and presents a well-organized “package” to their customer who isn’t tapping their foot in the waiting room.  This…


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Servicing Virtually

Servicing your vehicle has been an age-old activity for anyone who owns or drives a vehicle. With today’s world and technology advancing, we’re gathering new tools to enhance our daily lives on a regular basis. This includes technology in our vehicles, so why wouldn’t it carry over into service.  

Virtual service has started to take hold in…


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Customer Lounge: Friend or Foe?

You’ve had one customer on a test drive, your next appt just showed up an hour early, and somehow you were the only “available salesman” when a family just walked into the dealership… what do you do?

That answer is easy, you start juggling! Get them comfortable in the customer lounge, tell them to enjoy a warm or cold beverage, or snack, and here is…


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Now that we're at sticker, why don't we stay here?

I remember it like it was yesterday, the first time a car was discounted to make a deal. It was 1932, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Big Red Ewing accepted $1,450 “out the door” for a brand new 1933 Studebaker Dictator that stickered for $1,466 Plus TTL. Now, whether or not that’s true, I cannot say. But I’m sure it went down just like that. …


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